Warm up exercises

Warm Up

13 Warm up exercises before gaining explosive power.

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1. Arm Swings

In a swinging horizontal motion, bring your left arm over your right shoulder, followed by your right arm over your left shoulder. Focus on keeping your upper body straight and on swinging arms in a synchronised motion.

2. Arm Circles

Begin with very small circles and gradually increase to bigger ones. Repeat in opposite direction (small to big fluid circles). Excellent warm up exercise to loosen up the shoulders.

3. Cross Crawls

Excellent total body workout before training. With your arms stretched up in the air, bring your elbow towards your knee (opposites) and return to starting position. Repeat on other side.

4. Trunk Rotations

Get your core mid section moving to warm up for more explosive movements to come. Swing both arms from side to side extending as far as you can.

5. Walking Lunges

Excellent way to warm up all the muscles in your legs to get ready for training). Step forward with your left leg while trying to touch the ground with your right knee. Repeat on other side.

6. Leg Swings

Standing on one leg, swing leg from front to back. Repeat with same leg from side to side. Lean against wall or partner for proper balance throughout exercise. Excellent hip mobility exercise to get the hips moving before starting resistance training and plyometrics.

7. Skip & Rope

Focus on skipping at a slow or medium pace. Alternate skipping on 2 legs and 1 leg. Stay light on your feet and try jumping off the front part of your foot. Take 30 second breaks between sets.

8. Medicine Ball Toss

Stand about 6 feet from your partner (sideways). Toss the medicine ball to your partner. When catching the ball, extend with the ball opposite side from partner. Great way to loosen up the arms and shoulders while activating the core area. Great exercise to prepare the body for strength training.

9. Trunk Twists

With your right hand, come down to your left leg and touch your foot. Repeat on other side. Maintain proper form without going to fast. Great exercise to loosen up your lower back.

10. Prisoner Squats

Take both hand and put them behind your head. Squat down with both legs keeping your back straight. Excellent way to warm up the quads before moving on to strength conditioning.

11. Jumping Knee Raises

Stand with legs shoulder width appart. Jump up while bringing 1 knee up. Repeat with other leg. Focus on pushing off the ground and keeping upper body straight throughout exercise.

12. Jumping Ankle Taps

Standing with feet together, jump one foot at a time and bring your ankle backwards towards your back. Extend your ankle as far back as you can. Push and land off the front part of your foot. Focus on going in a synchronised controlled motion.

13. Light Jog

Light jog at a medium pace (50-60 percent of maximum effort). If you don’t have an area to run, run in a stationary position. Focus on jogging off the front part of your feet. Good exercise to help with your cardio vascular endurance.

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