Plyometrics Exercises


Now that you have completed the Warm up exercises it is time for some plyometrics.

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1. Spring Jumps

Stand with feet shoulder width apart with your knees bent. Explode and jump forward as far as you can while still maintaining control. Focus on maintaining proper balance when jumping and landing.

2. Side to Side Jumps

Place an object of 10 inches or so on the ground (you can also tape a line on the ground and pretend there is an object). With your knees bent and upper body looking forward, jump over the object from one side to the other at a fast pace. Focus on bending the knees to maintain balance throughout.

3. Short Sprints

Spread 4 cones (or object) approximately 5 feet from each other. Begin at the first cone. Sprint to the first cone and back to the first one. Repeat with other objects. Focus on quick accelerations in both directions. Great exercise to develop transitional accelerations.

4. 1 Foot Square Hop

Form a + sign on the floor. Standing on one leg, jump to the side, then backwards, back to the side, then forward, always in a square pattern. Focus on strong knee bends to maintain balance and quick jump explosions. Excellent exercise to help increase skating acceleration.

5. Leg Trainer – Skating Continuous

Extend leg at 45 degree angles, simulating skating strides. Swing arms and rotate shoulders. Bend knees to maintain proper balance. This exercise simulates the exact skating strides motion. Excellent exercise to help develop leg endurance and explosion.

6. Five Cone Drill

Form a square with 4 cones (cones spaced 10-20 feet) and add a cone in the middle. With side crossovers, go to one of the back cones and come back with side crossovers to the middle cone. Repeat on other back cone. Then, run to one of the front cones, and run backwards to the middle cone. Repeat on other cone. Make sure to touch every cone and to stay in balanced position.

7. Fast Crossover Shuffle

Start with your feet shoulder width apart, hips and shoulders square (head straight in front). Begin by stepping over and then reaching and stepping behind with the opposite leg. A controlled crossover motion helps build balance and dexterity for quick directional changes.

8. Backward Strides

Start in a balanced position. Drive the heels back 1 leg at a time while maintaining soft shoulders and a good range of motion. Swing arms as you would when skating backwards. Great exercise to increase backward skating speed and increase leg pushing power.

9. Squat Jumps Continuous

In a swinging horizontal motion, bring your left arm over your right shoulder, followed by your right arm over your left shoulder. Focus on keeping your upper body straight and on swinging arms in a synchronised motion.

10. Lateral Skating Jumps

Jump from side to side, while controlling your upper body as you would when skating. Focus on transferring your body weight from one leg to the other. Swing your arms from side to side as you would when skating. Great exercise to develop more powerful skating strides.

11. Side to Side Hop – 1 Foot

Mark a line on the floor. Standing on one leg, jump over the line from side to side as fast as you can. Stay low to maintain proper balance throughout exercise. Land and push off the front part of your foot

12. Step Over Shuffle

Start with legs shoulder width apart, knees bent and shoulders soft. Crossover while exploding with your legs, keeping your upper body straight and looking forward. Great exercise to help develop explosive crossovers and leg endurance.

13. Squat Tuck Jumps

Begin in the squat position, knees bent and your upper body straight. Explode straight up jumping as high as you can with your legs tucked into your chest. Land in the squat position and repeat. Great exercise to help develop explosive leg pushes.

14. Skipping Bounds

Explode in a forward running motion. Try touching your knee to your chest. Hope as high as you can while coordinating your body as you would when skating. Extend your arms fully when jumping.

15. Split Jumps

Explode forward in a hoping lunge motion 1 leg at a time. When landing, slowly touch your knee on the ground. Keep your upper body straight throughout exercise.

16. Legs Conditionning Drill

Spread 5 Cones 10 feet from each other in a straight line. Run to the first cone, touch the ground, and return to starting position. Repeat this time touching the ground on the second cone. 1 rep equalls all 5 cones. Great exercise to help build endurance and stamina.

17. Stutter Steps

With knees bent and back straight, pound on floor as fast as you can while remaining balanced. Excellent exercise to work on hips and hamstrings, as well as calves. This is one of the best exercises to develop leg endurance.

18. 1 Leg Stick Handling Drill

Get into your hockey position. Lift one leg while balancing on the other. Stick handle for 30seconds in a controlled synchronized motion. To increase difficulty level, stick handle and close one eye. Great exercise to develop balance and coordination, while improving your feel for stick handling.

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