Drill #28 – Dangler – Toe Drag Various Distances #2

Drill #28 – Dangler – Toe Drag Various Distances #2

Set up 4 sections of the Dangler stick handling tool horizontally in front of you. Stand at the end and use the training tool as a hurdle to toe drag around. Once you have completed the toe drag continue movement forward and pass the puck in training tool hole and execute a longer toe drag.

Start by executing a small toe drag and progressively increase the length.

  • Rolling action with your top wrist
  • Be sure that the puck is in the center of your toe blade before pulling back
  • Use a “J” shape motion pattern
  • Catch the puck in the middle of your blade at the bottom of the training tool
  • Keep your arms relaxed and your bottom hand in a loose but firm grip
  • Maintain controlled, fluent movement and feel the puck on your blade
  • Start slowly and progress faster once you feel comfortable with the stick handling action
  • Keep your head up and use your peripheral vision to see the puck

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