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Shot Accuracy

Some players in the NHL score goals off the pure strength and power of their shot. However, some NHL’ers score goals on pure finesse and shot location. Consider players like Phil Kessel or Alex Ovechkin, who just always seem to find the back of the net. There are many factors involved, however, all natural goal scorers have one thing in common, they know where to shoot and how to get it there.

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One thing that may be a surprise to many, but has proven to be an effective technique on scoring, is the ability to visualize where you want the puck to go. Many goal scorers at all levels have the innate ability to visualize themselves scoring before they even take the shot. So when you are out practicing in your driveway or in your back yard, picture yourself shooting the puck short-side or going bar-down. You will be surprised that a simple mental trick of visualization will lead you to filling that net. That being said, there is still more to consider when working on your shooting accuracy. For instance, you can’t have an accurate shot if you aren’t looking at your target. If you want your shot to go top right corner, have your eyes locked onto that corner and let it rip. Not only do you want your eyes or body to move in the direction of your target, but it is essential to move your stick in that direction as well. If you want a low shot, make sure that you have a nice, fluid motion, keeping your stick and blade low as well. Like any other shot, your shot location or release point is vital. As mentioned in the shot power article, being aware of one’s “sweet spot” will be the difference between you scoring or being robbed by the goaltender.

Lastly, it’s important to be aware of your body’s movement and mechanics. This can only be done by continuously practicing your shot. There is no such thing as too many practice shots. Next time you are practicing your shot, become familiar of the movements and techniques required to get your shot at the desired location. Even the best hockey players in the world miss the net from time to time, so don’t be discouraged if you miss your shot. An accurate shooter will always read and adjust their mechanics, almost always nailing their second shot.

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Practice makes perfect, so go out there and have fun and visualize yourself scoring! Here are some HockeyShot training aids that will help you snipe more goals: HS Extreme Shooter Tutor and HS Extreme Goal Targets.

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Coach Rupke

For many of you who already follow along with his hockey shenanigans, Jeremy Rupke hardly needs an introduction! Jeremy’s love for the game and enthusiasm comes across in all that he does, and he is sure to give you a good laugh even in the pursuit of enhancing your serious hockey skills.

Growing up in the small-town of Hunstville, Ontario, Canada (Population: 20,000) Rupke did not have a lot to do, other than play hockey of course. And really, what else do you need? As a young boy, these small-town roots sparked a passion in Rupke that has yet to be tamed. When Jeremy met obstacles, or identified weaknesses in his game, he did not stop practicing until he found a solution or just got better. This dedication continues to drive everything that he does.

When looking for inspiration Rupke turned to old hockey videos, even before the Internet days, like Don Cherry's “Rock'Em Sock'em Hockey” but don’t tell him we told you. As the Internet took over Jeremy started searching for educational videos online. Unfortunately, (but fortunate for us) Rupke was not satisfied with what he could dig up. As he always does when faced with an obstacle, Jeremy, instead of continuing to look for an improbable solution, created the solution, giving life to HowToHockey.

As you are probably aware, HowToHockey is the bread and butter for online hockey videos (most have been shared right here on HockeyShot). Rupke offers tips and tricks to enhance your game and he is sure to entertain. He is constantly providing his followers with content that can’t be met by any other online hockey sensation in the world! And we sincerely mean that.

Knowing he is providing inspiration to young kids inspires Rupke to continue his work. If you follow him on his many social media accounts, you know that he is already coaching his first-born son, Mason to become the next “Great One” (sorry Wayner). In between making his hockey wife, Sammy very happy of course :)

Rupke meticulously studies the pros and translates the knowledge he gains, into easy to follow advice. He breaks down each hockey skill in a way that most players would not be able to put into words. It’s this attention to detail that helps kids (and adults) make small changes that equal huge gains. In Jeremy’s own words “I guess you could say I am obsessed with player development and coaching”. It’s an obsession that HockeyShot and many of our customers are grateful for! Relating to all the kids out there who don’t get one-on-one time to develop their skills, Rupke, with some help from the Internet, has made this a possibility to players around the globe!

Kudos to our Bench Boss Jeremy Rupke.