Scientific Method of Shooting Pucks – Summer Skills Series

Welcome to Summer Skills Sessions! Jeremy Rupke (How to Hockey) is here with HockeyShot and True Hockey every Saturday to drop a new video on offseason drills, tips and challenges for all players! Rupke wants you, fellow snipers, to join him in some awesome summer off-ice drills that players can use in their own training. In this first edition, Jeremy shows us a simple yet efficient drill for all shooters to implement in their training to improve shot accuracy and add more goals to the stat sheet. Just like in a game, this drill puts the shooter in realistic locations that with practice, a shooter can improve on accuracy and strength. In the video, Jeremy explains not only the drill and why it helps, but also the science of how our brains calculate accuracy and why it is important to vary distances. Let’s watch and listen Jeremy’s hockey instructions:

As you can see, Rupke explains through scientific case studies how improved accuracy does not necessarily mean focusing on the exact distance you’re targeting to improve. Instead, research in sports science suggests shooting closer and further away from the actual target is more impactful than shooting at the direct target location over and over again. For example, if you’re target distance is 10 feet, Rupke suggests shooting from 5 and 15 feet away, to force your brain to adapt to the varying distances instead of just one “perfect” spot (i.e. the slot). In a sport as fast as hockey, you’re chances of getting constant slot opportunities will dissipate with age and level of skill. That’s why it is essential to train your brain and adapt to real game-time situations. Here Jeremy is using the above dimensions to practice his accuracy. He uses roughly 5-9 pucks in each location and fires them at various locations, not just one. A shooter should never resort to only one go-to!

In Jeremy’s case, he was solid in close but he could work on his accuracy for 15-foot shots. To improve on that, Jeremy knows his target distances should be even further (20-25 feet) so it forces his mind and muscles to adapt to the variety of possible game-time scenarios. Varying your shot type with wrist shots as well as slap shots will also add to the difficulty. If you’re looking to turn that shot into a snipe, then try this simple trick that is guaranteed to improve on your shot’s accuracy and power!

Jeremy also had an array of very helpful products from HockeyShot. HockeyShot’s Shooter Tutor is perfect for this drill as it provides the shooter with 11 realistic scoring options. It also has a tough elastic material that provides realistic rebounds! For an even more authentic feel, HockeyShot’s Dryland Flooring Tiles give the player an improved surface that adds to the challenge. And let’s face it; we all can’t be snipers overnight and as a result you’re going to be chasing after those biscuits more than shooting them. To avoid that, HockeyShot’s Goal and Backstop is the perfect net to protect your home, garage, cars and even neighbours. The net is extremely easy to install and the backdrop provides great protection. Last but not least, picking up all those pucks can get tiring if you’re firing on all cylinders. To solve that problem Jeremy uses the handy HockeyShot Sauce Catcher that can act as a puck bag (easily holds up to 40) when you’re not using it for saucer passes!

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Coach Rupke

For many of you who already follow along with his hockey shenanigans, Jeremy Rupke hardly needs an introduction! Jeremy’s love for the game and enthusiasm comes across in all that he does, and he is sure to give you a good laugh even in the pursuit of enhancing your serious hockey skills.

Growing up in the small-town of Hunstville, Ontario, Canada (Population: 20,000) Rupke did not have a lot to do, other than play hockey of course. And really, what else do you need? As a young boy, these small-town roots sparked a passion in Rupke that has yet to be tamed. When Jeremy met obstacles, or identified weaknesses in his game, he did not stop practicing until he found a solution or just got better. This dedication continues to drive everything that he does.

When looking for inspiration Rupke turned to old hockey videos, even before the Internet days, like Don Cherry's “Rock'Em Sock'em Hockey” but don’t tell him we told you. As the Internet took over Jeremy started searching for educational videos online. Unfortunately, (but fortunate for us) Rupke was not satisfied with what he could dig up. As he always does when faced with an obstacle, Jeremy, instead of continuing to look for an improbable solution, created the solution, giving life to HowToHockey.

As you are probably aware, HowToHockey is the bread and butter for online hockey videos (most have been shared right here on HockeyShot). Rupke offers tips and tricks to enhance your game and he is sure to entertain. He is constantly providing his followers with content that can’t be met by any other online hockey sensation in the world! And we sincerely mean that.

Knowing he is providing inspiration to young kids inspires Rupke to continue his work. If you follow him on his many social media accounts, you know that he is already coaching his first-born son, Mason to become the next “Great One” (sorry Wayner). In between making his hockey wife, Sammy very happy of course :)

Rupke meticulously studies the pros and translates the knowledge he gains, into easy to follow advice. He breaks down each hockey skill in a way that most players would not be able to put into words. It’s this attention to detail that helps kids (and adults) make small changes that equal huge gains. In Jeremy’s own words “I guess you could say I am obsessed with player development and coaching”. It’s an obsession that HockeyShot and many of our customers are grateful for! Relating to all the kids out there who don’t get one-on-one time to develop their skills, Rupke, with some help from the Internet, has made this a possibility to players around the globe!

Kudos to our Bench Boss Jeremy Rupke.