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Hockey Wrap Around Explained

Wrap Around Explained

When executed properly, the Wrap Around shot is a thing of beauty. The general idea is to come in on the goalie on one side of the net, skate with the puck behind the net and emerge on the opposite side to stuff it in if the goalie can’t move fast enough to cover the post. As with many moves in hockey, timing is everything. But what happnes when you encounter issues like the goalie getting there fast enough or a defenseman blocking your attempt? This video highlights those situations.

What’s a Wrap Around?

Many younger players may not have been taught the basics of the wrap around shot. Perhaps they have never seen it in a game situation, other than while watching an NHL game. The basic notion is that the offensive player has the puck either on the side or just behind one side of the net, skates around the back of the net to emerge on the opposite side and quickly tries to stuff the puck home right near the post before the goalie can move from one side of the net to the other. The move depends on the speed of the offensive player and the reaction of the goalie. The offensive player can often gain an average by moving out of the goalie’s field of vision so that the move around the back of the net is not detected immediately.

What can happen when you attempt a wrap around?

Several scenarios can occur which make trying to stuff the puck in by the post on a wrap around shot difficult. A goaltender with excellent vision, reaction time and lateral movement can thwart your attempt by covering up the post, leaving no room for a quick wrap around. Or there may be a defenseman in position to interfere with your ability to come from behind the net and get the puck close enough to slam it home. So in these situations you need options.

What can you do?

The video showed some moves you can execute, should you find there is no option for performing the basic wrap around once you emerge from behind the net. The keys are:

  1. Use a pivot move to reverse direction after moving out in front of the side of the net
  2. Shield the puck from the defense using your body
  3. Shoot where there is a hole – either on the near post or go for the far corner (where the goalie came from)

The basic concept is shown on both sides of the net, involving both the forehand and the backhand.

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Ted Suihkonen

Notorious for professional development and advising in power skating, skills, and positioning Ted Suikhonen takes our spot for Camp Counsellor. He has been specifically trained to provide solid advice to not only his academy guests but all HockeyShot’s customers.

Ted currently Directs and Operates Suihkonen Hockey Academy and has over ten years of experience. Beginning his coaching career in America coaching USA Hockey, Ted moved on to Sweden to work with the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation. He has been there for the past 9 years, living with his wife and two children. His primary responsibilities as a leader, role model and moral compass to campers is overall supervision while ensuring campers’ well-being and making their experience as fun, rewarding and memorable as possible. He plans, leads and implements core and non-core programs in small group settings, while taking pride in player safety, development, growth and skill achievement.

Ted grew up in Minnesota and played Junior A in the USHL, later Division 1 in the WCJA, and then played pro! His path to greatness is easily admired by younger kids who dream of making a career out of the best game on earth. Suihkonen’s camps are top-notch and help players and families move toward NCAA Division 1 or Division 3 hockey. His advice can’t be contested and he always has career growth in mind for his players. After playing in the NCAA D1 his network is strong here, as well as in the USHL and NAHL leagues.

Ted is helping HockeyShot make big strides in Europe and he understands that THE FUTURE OF HOCKEY STARTS NOW! If you live in Sweden, Norway or Russia, make sure you check out his upcoming schedule and get involved at one of his many hockey schools offered. We are proud to have Ted Suihkonen represent our brand! From a guy who has been all over the world, breathing hockey he has lots of stories to be heard.

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