Breakaway tips to score more goals

Breakaway Tips to Light the Lamp!

You’re flying down the wing and beat your first man, the last defender skates helplessly backwards, his skates getting tangled up as you deke to your left, toe drag, and slip around him. Now the only person left between you and the back of your net is the goalie. He’s made 31 saves tonight and your team’s down 1. You panic and fire off a quick shot. It grazes the outside of his blocker and ricochets off the glass as the buzzer sounds.

The drama may not be familiar, but for many players, beating the goalie can turn out to be the most difficult part of hockey. After all, it is your final step before lightning the lamp and skating past your bench to get props. You can have a hard shot, good hands, and a great hockey IQ, but if you can’t combine them all, goals will be hard to come by.

Thankfully, the guys at How to Hockey are back to help you out, and this time, it’s on this incredible outdoor rink in the Canadian Rockies!

Like many things in life, having a list can help with accomplishing and remembering your goals. So try to keep these simple steps in mind whenever you’re getting ready to score:

Step 1 – Head Up!

This gets talked about all the time in hockey, especially if you’re playing in a contact league. When you’re not scanning the ice to see if a big hit’s coming, keeping your head up allows you to know exactly where you’re going and what’s coming next. This works particularly well when you’re trying to score. If you can see the goalie first, it allows you to read them before making any decisions.

Step 2 – Think about it

Now that you’ve read how the goalie is set up, take the time (quickly!) to run over your options. Should you shoot, pass, or try and deke? If you see a gaping hole or a side left open, don’t be afraid to fire a shot. If you see a teammate streaking down the wing, fire them a pass if they’re in a better position. Finally, if it’s just you and the goalie, create some movement to open up more scoring lanes.

Step 3 – Where’s the goalie?

Lots of new players don’t take the split second to notice where the goalie is positioned in the net. If the goalie is out of the net, chances are you have less shooting angles, and need to opt for a deke. If the goalie is further back in their net, look for those high scoring spots like the corners, inner posts, and five hole areas.

Goalie Postioning

Step 4 – Movement

If the goalie is on top of their game, they’ve most likely started to cut off your angles, and challenge you. The only way to create more open options for yourself is to get the goalie to move laterally. This means creating movement yourself! Remember that wherever your stick goes, the puck follows, meaning the goalie is going to keep up. If you can create enough movement left to right, you can make the goalie make a mistake, or over commit meaning you can find the back of the net.

Step 5 – Posts

As long as you remember that if you can get to the post faster than the goalie can, 9 times out of 10 there’s going to be an opening. Sometimes this just takes 1 move, sometimes it can take 5, but the outcome is always going to be the same. As long as you can create enough space at the post to fit a puck in, you’re giving your team a goal.

To conclude, remember that as long as you can give yourself enough time to make the right decision, you always have the advantage over the goalie. You get to decide when the goalie moves, and where, so attack with confidence. Keep your head up to see everything on the ice, because more often than not, passing to a teammate is a way more effective way to create a scoring chance. If all else fails, take a nice hard shot to any of the posts, and aim for the net, at the very least you’re going to create some chances and rebound opportunities.

Thanks for reading and we hoped you enjoyed the incredible scenery from the mountains!

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Coach Rupke

For many of you who already follow along with his hockey shenanigans, Jeremy Rupke hardly needs an introduction! Jeremy’s love for the game and enthusiasm comes across in all that he does, and he is sure to give you a good laugh even in the pursuit of enhancing your serious hockey skills.

Growing up in the small-town of Hunstville, Ontario, Canada (Population: 20,000) Rupke did not have a lot to do, other than play hockey of course. And really, what else do you need? As a young boy, these small-town roots sparked a passion in Rupke that has yet to be tamed. When Jeremy met obstacles, or identified weaknesses in his game, he did not stop practicing until he found a solution or just got better. This dedication continues to drive everything that he does.

When looking for inspiration Rupke turned to old hockey videos, even before the Internet days, like Don Cherry's “Rock'Em Sock'em Hockey” but don’t tell him we told you. As the Internet took over Jeremy started searching for educational videos online. Unfortunately, (but fortunate for us) Rupke was not satisfied with what he could dig up. As he always does when faced with an obstacle, Jeremy, instead of continuing to look for an improbable solution, created the solution, giving life to HowToHockey.

As you are probably aware, HowToHockey is the bread and butter for online hockey videos (most have been shared right here on HockeyShot). Rupke offers tips and tricks to enhance your game and he is sure to entertain. He is constantly providing his followers with content that can’t be met by any other online hockey sensation in the world! And we sincerely mean that.

Knowing he is providing inspiration to young kids inspires Rupke to continue his work. If you follow him on his many social media accounts, you know that he is already coaching his first-born son, Mason to become the next “Great One” (sorry Wayner). In between making his hockey wife, Sammy very happy of course :)

Rupke meticulously studies the pros and translates the knowledge he gains, into easy to follow advice. He breaks down each hockey skill in a way that most players would not be able to put into words. It’s this attention to detail that helps kids (and adults) make small changes that equal huge gains. In Jeremy’s own words “I guess you could say I am obsessed with player development and coaching”. It’s an obsession that HockeyShot and many of our customers are grateful for! Relating to all the kids out there who don’t get one-on-one time to develop their skills, Rupke, with some help from the Internet, has made this a possibility to players around the globe!

Kudos to our Bench Boss Jeremy Rupke.