HockeyShot Synthetic Ice – Revolution Tiles Review

Today stickhandling specialist Pavel Barber is putting the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles to the test. Think you can’t skate and do all the edge work you need to up your game on synthetic ice? Think again.

Starting off with some skating drills using the HockeyShot Speed Dekes , everyone is quick to see just how similar skating on these tiles are to ice. You can trust your edges just like you would on real ice and do all the same hockey training drills. As opposed to rollerblade training, the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles allows you to do real edge work drills like you would on the ice.

What an incredible feeling it is to be able to train in your t-shirt and shorts! The HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles have a huge benefit to your off ice training time, helping you develop tough skills. With a synthetic ice surface in home, training has never been easier and allows you to nail down the little details by mastering tough skills much faster.

“These are such fun drills to do, kids when they are training on off ice surfaces like this, they’re just having fun, they don’t realize they are training, the hours add up, and they are always really focused cause they are enjoying themselves. That’s why I love the Synthetic Ice Tiles” (13:06)

Pavel explains the incredible feeling he gets from skating on the Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles and runs through lots of different drills you can perfect using your at home training area. If you are looking to practice team drills, the HockeyShot Extreme Defender is your go to practice companion. Never fear, solo trainers can make great use of the HockeyShot Passer Pro.

One of the things that sets the HockeyShot Revolution Synthetic Ice Tiles apart is our interlocking puzzle piece system that allows you to attach the boards however you like – there is no wrong way! The tiles are also made with a honeycomb design which makes them super lightweight for easy transport as well as ultra-durable.

Another way HockeyShot is changing the game is with our newly created Puck Stopper Edging, which is a game changer in the synthetic ice world. This edging makes it seamless to stickhandle off and on the tiles. Pavel loves these because you aren’t wasting any time getting pucks and can help you have a more positive relationship with training.

Practicing on your own is the only sure-fire way to up your game. It is important to have quality training time both on and off the ice to master your skills and excel at the fastest rate possible. You can turn yourself into a dangerous scoring threat by logging quality hours on your Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles, so pick some up today.

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Pavel Barber

Meet Pavel Barber, HockeyShot's newest recruit! He is our "Stickhandling Specialist" although some of us wanted to call him our "Dangle Doctor", this coach wouldn't let that fly. He has a deep passion for understanding skills. If there's two things he's most passionate about, it's the game of hockey and the work ethic it takes to get to the top.

Pavel has studied talent generation across all fields, and he is honored to be able to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of hockey players! Stickhandling was something he always loved to do. He formed an obsession with it at an early age after watching guys like Pavel Datsyuk dominate the National Hockey League with their display of stickhandling brilliance. Pavel thinks, the rules of the game have changed to allow more skills to shine through. This Stickhandling Specialist is starting to see creative displays of brilliance on a day to day basis (just check-out his social media), but not just in the NHL - across all the semi-pro and minor hockey leagues too!

There's a lot of power skating coaches out there, but Pavel thinks there needs to be more stickhandling specialists - just don't tell our Skating Sensei, Jim Vitale that ;) Seriously though, skating and stickhandling complement each other, and it should never be one or the other. No matter what your position, you should want to feel confident with the puck out there.

It's obvious that Barber is a lover of the game, first and foremost. He has always played for fun and is very proud to say that after 20+ years of playing, his love for the game has only grown stronger. He grew up two minutes from an outdoor rink in Toronto, Ontario where he spent the majority of his childhood. His idea of fun was pushing the limits and deeply understanding why he did well, and why he didn't. Skill set generation is something he takes very seriously to this day. He didn't grow up with a lot, but every time he got out on the ice he knew he had the chance to get better at the game if he worked hard enough. The harder he worked, the better he got, and the more fun the game became.

"That was my equation to becoming obsessed with stickhandling", Barber says. "What most people may not know about me is how serious I take the mental aspect of the game. I take the notion of environments very seriously because I know how much it can hinder success." Because he hated being laughed at or made fun of for falling or failing in some way, Pavel used to prefer training alone. But he knew he had to push outside of his comfort zone and look foolish sometimes to succeed one day.

"The secret to living is giving. There's no better feeling then giving someone the tools they need to succeed, and watching their skills develop. The game of hockey has given me so much, and now it's my time to give back. Also, I get to be on the ice all the time. To me, that is freedom. It's where I love to be, and where I belong."

HockeyShot looks forward to working with their new Stickhandling Specialist, Pavel Barber and we hope our customers do too! Stay tuned for fresh drills and content, and maybe someday if we are all lucky… PB & J collaborations.