Hockey Dad Takes Kids for a Skate of a Lifetime

If you’re still not sold on the new HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles, have a look at this review video from HockeyShot’s Hockey Dad, Jeremy Weiss. In the video he tests out the Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles in a ‘small, medium and large’ format, and addresses some questions that you at home might have before purchasing.

The Hockey Shot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are a fantastic product that are skate-able, affordable and lightweight. They are also flexible enough to be forgiving on uneven surfaces, as well as being weather resistant, UV protected and self-lubricating. They are easy to assemble and disassemble while requiring no extra tools.

In the video Jeremy gives us a birds eye view of what a setup with 60 tiles, 120 tiles and 260 tiles looks like, so you can get a better idea for how much you can do with different sets of tiles. He also gives us a few training drills with his favorite 8-10 year old players to demonstrate how much fun kids can have with their favorite HockeyShot Products.

In the first drill, Jeremy utilizes the HS Extreme Shooter Tutor, HS Passer Pro and HS Goal & 2D Backstop Combo to showcase a 60 tile synthetic ice set up with 2 players. Doubling the size to 120, Jeremy adds 3 more players on the ice, for a total of 5, and adds the HS Extreme Danglers to the mix for his synthetic ice training drills. Next we see the piece de resistance, a full 260 tile setup equipped full with HockeyShot Training Products including the HS Extreme Defender.

One of the best parts about the HS Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles review video is you can really see how much fun the kids are having while training. While these tiles are great for players of any age or skill level, kids really enjoy the sensation of skating on synthetic ice while maximizing the amount of training area they have.

As an added bonus, Jeremy also gives us his notes on which part of the Synthetic Ice benefits from each type of siding. If you are confused as to whether the Puck Stopper Edging or the Smooth Edging is right for you, this will be very helpful in figuring out which synthetic ice hockey training setup will be a perfect fit in your home.

The HS Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are fun and easy to use while being a great at home training aid, for a fantastic price. You too can be practicing your hockey skills on a tennis court in the summer heat with the HS Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles, so pick some up and get started on perfecting your skills today.

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Jeremy Weiss

We all know that one dad in the crowd that offers their encouragement and love for the game to every player. The gentleman who always shares funny, yet horrible jokes: “What animal is best at hockey? Score-pions.” The truth is, these guys quickly become the entire team’s “Hockey Dad” and needless to say, HockeyShot’s Hockey Dad is perfectly filled by Mr. Jeremy Weiss!

Weiss is a family man and has four young boys that learn all he has to give when it comes to hockey. You may recognize them if you have watched some of our Product Review Videos around our website. Whether they are saucing pucks in the mountains or installing Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice in their home; we love hearing what Weiss has to say regarding HockeyShot Training Aids! As the owner and operator of, Jeremy not only helps his own children but also players and coaches of all ages. His coaching material focuses on individual development, team consulting, and coaching instruction. Weiss aims to integrate “European skill and finesse” and “North American strength and toughness”.

It’s no wonder Weiss has so much great hockey knowledge to share! Growing up in Toronto, Ontario he was coached by the best from a very young age. Former Toronto Maple Leafs star, Martin Maglay taught Jeremy how to skate and world-class instructors later coached him: Stan Butler (former Team Canada coach), Dan Cameron (infamous Ontario junior coach), and Brett Calligan (former Edmonton Oilers player). Weiss continued to play ‘AAA’ as a youth finding tremendous success. He went on to play two years of Jr. A in the Ontario Junior Hockey League and some college hockey but it was those early years that continue to inspire and shape his coaching.

Weiss continues to develop and organize hockey development camps, and is heavily involved in the local programming in the Salt Lake area. His camps focus on skills that progress from beginners to advanced. Between his online endeavors and the work he does locally, Weiss has been responsible for the development of thousands of players and coaches, and his material has been credited for contributing to championships for everything from Provincial Championships, to State Championships, and even Beer League Championships!

As the Hockey Dad, it is no surprise that Weiss’ focuses on youth and coach development (because even a good coach, needs a role model). His passion has created a hockey community between coaches that ultimately creates higher-level hockey players and increasingly competitive leagues. HockeyShot continues to learn from Weiss and can’t wait for your game to improve as a result.

Go get ‘em kid!