Fun Hockey Game – DIY Sauce Combo

Hockey Game with Steven Wong

Steven Wong of Wongmania tests out one of HockeyShot’s newest products; the DIY Sauce Combo. This saucy training aid provides two options. First, it can come in a single unit, which includes: (1) Sauce Catcher, (1) HS Junior Shooting Pad and (3) HS Pucks. The second option is a double unit, which provides double the fun. Basically, it comes how it sounds (2) Sauce Catcher, (2) HS Junior Shooting Pads and (6) HS Pucks.

The DIY Sauce Combo is a high quality product that can played absolutely anywhere. The DIY Sauce Combo can be played and enjoyed by hockey players of all ages and skill levels. As seen in the video, both of Steven Wong’s kids demonstrate their skills by executing the perfect sauce pass into a moving Puck Catcher Pro. Using an escalade as a prop is just one extreme example of how creative you can be with HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo. Be the most popular person at that next backyard BBQ and show off the skills you have perfected by using this fun and innovative training aid. HockeyShot’s finished product of the DIY Sauce Combo will be as visually stunning as the quality of the sauce kit itself. The HS Shooting pad will be finished with graphics that will replicate that of an actual hockey rink surface. Furthermore, you will be able to secure the Puck Catcher Pro to the actual HS Shooting Pad with pegs that will insert
into the pad itself. There is even talks of a smaller Shooting Pad than the Junior which will provide the minimal space needed to launch a saucer pass across the yard! HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo is just one of the many training products that will step-up your game. Visit HockeyShot.com to learn more and pick up the DIY Sauce Combo today!

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Steven Wong

All around the world, Steven Wong has and continues to support and transform athletes. Growing up in Oakville, Ontario, Canada Wong practiced disciplined and vigorous training through Taekwondo earning a third-degree black belt. He later went on, and continues, to train and instruct traditional Hung Gar Style Kung Fu.

Steven’s career began in film with a focus for corporate and commercial clients like Ford & Tim Horton’s. Combining his two loves, film & athletics, Steven evolved his career to produce critically acclaimed documentaries, most notably following famous athletes, Elvis Stokjo (Figure Skating Champion) and Georges St-Pierre (UFC Champion). In recent years Steven revisited the corporate industry filming commercials for Gatorade, Volkswagen, and LG. When filming was taking too much of the action, Steven eagerly accepted a position with the Canadian National Mixed Martial Arts Federation as a National Director, being appointed to Team Canada as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. In the same year, Steven continued to stand-behind sport by partnering with a WWE personality and founded Battle Arts Academy – an MMA, Pro-Wrestling and human performance facility in Greater Toronto Area.

Steven continues to work in film and is currently in production for a documentary that investigates fitness, nutrition, pro-athlete’s health, beauty, vitality, and anti-aging. These projects only add to his already expanding portfolio that is highlighted throughout his website: Wongmania.com. Don’t get too distracted by his social media pages though! These days he is managing hundreds of female fitness model champions ;)

Wong’s love for athletic performance is continuously reflected not only through film but also through his support of elite fitness brands, like HockeyShot. When considering both the mental and physical rigor and stamina needed to play the game of hockey, Steven brings an exceptional amount of knowledge in and around performance. He has worked one on one with NHL players like, Dion Phaneuf (former Toronto Maple Leafs Captain and current Ottawa Senators defenseman). Justin Baker (Elite Prospect and current defenseman in the Czech Extraliga), and many more hockey players looking to reach their full potential.

We know the nitty-gritty parts of becoming a true athlete aren’t always easy, but with one look at Steven’s physique (it’s true, the guy is ripped) we trust you will be inspired to push through. With his continued technical advice and techniques to get you in the best shape of your life, we know you will reap huge mental and physical benefits from our Performance Trainer, Steven Wong!