Celebrate any occasion with top-rated synthetic ice rentals, all-year-round

The Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice from HockeyShot is the #1 the training tool for hockey players looking to improve their game during any season at-home. The synthetic ice offers versatile training solutions for players year-round, helping keep players’ skating, stickhandling, and passing crisp and agile. The demand for this ice-like experience has been ever increasing especially in markets where Ice-time has become more difficult and expensive to come by.

While a great training tool — at the same time, the synthetic ice panels are a show-stopper at any major festivity, event, or party; leaving skaters with an ice-like skating experience and smile on their face after stepping off the ice is what HockeyShot is all about. That’s exactly why HockeyShot now proudly offers synthetic ice rentals!

HockeyShot’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels, each measuring 4’x4’x3/8″ in thickness and weighing 31 pounds, can be easily assembled on any hard-flat surface – giving you the convenient capability of setting up your off-ice skating surface, wherever you please.

By arranging an order, you can, for once, have the ice delivered to your doorstep. All for the price of $65* per panel!

As for maintenance, and whether you’ll be calling a zamboni driver afterwards? There’s no need to sweat it. The panels’ self-lubricating additive handles the heavy lifting, keeping the ice in tip-top condition. We just ask that you give the synthetic ice panels a quick mop with warm water and mild soap. From there, we’ll swing by and pick up the panels and then we’re off to the next satisfied customers.. 

But you can’t forget — there’s so many possibilities with HockeyShot’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels, both for developing your game and enjoying the chance to skate, wherever. While, initially, a trampoline or playhouse might be amusing to kids, HockeyShot’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels are bound to excite children long after they have taken their first step onto the ice; this will escalate a mediocre, decent birthday or graduation into a memorable, cherished celebration.

Similarly, adults too can find a number of useful formats to showcase the synthetic ice panels, which include, but are not limited to, grand openings, fashion shows, broadcasted events, public park or city square demonstrations, banquets, weddings, church functions, holiday festivals, fairs, fundraisers and conferences; essentially, wherever you intend to make a grand and lasting impression.
Honestly, grown-ups also will likely be incapable of resisting the urge to lace them up and see what all of the fuss is about—and, perhaps, to see how many strides they can muster up before tumbling to the synthetic ice.

Jordan Staal, captain of the National Hockey League’s Carolina Hurricanes organization, and a former Stanley Cup winner in 2009 as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins, sees how beneficial the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels would have been to a child with dreams of becoming a professional hockey player, such as himself.

“I wish I would have had access to HS Synthetic Ice when I was a kid aspiring to be an NHL player. Their Synthetic Ice is the best I’ve ever skated on, and it allows me to train at home during the summer. Their training aids are now an essential part of my off-ice training. Join the HS revolution, I did!” he said.

If you do find yourself in the likely scenario of visiting one of these outdoor rinks, just be sure to bring your skates, otherwise there could be some bitter disappointment when you have to watch, helplessly, as everyone else does their finest Sidney Crosby impersonation while you are left to wonder what could have been.

Indeed, the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels are bound to attract a plethora of willing participants who are ready to test their authenticity. In fact, you would be wise to hire a bouncer as well to ensure that chaos does not ensue when everyone is lining up, eager to be involved within the rink pleasantries; otherwise, there may be no predicting or controlling the amount of instigator penalties that are certain to be initiated!

Next time, when a birthday or special occasion creeps up on you, think twice before opting to arrange for a bouncy castle, petting zoo or the so-called entertainment of a clown; with the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels, your friends, family, clients and, of course, HockeyShot, will thank you for it.

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