Montreal Super Challenge

Montreal Super Challenge – Montreal, Quebec

During the last three weekends of May and the first weekend of June 2016, HockeyShot participated in the Montreal Super Challenge by holding their very own Skills Competition at the Centre Gilles Chabot and Sportsplex Varennes in Montreal, Quebec.

The Montreal Super Challenge made up four jam-packed hockey tournaments with the first being D3 participation, the second and third D2 regular, and finally the last D1 Elite. Needless to say, these tournaments showcasing skills of all levels from athletes aged 6-14 years old, created an intense and competitive environment. This was the second year for the Montreal Super Challenge event with around 40 games played each day and each game consisting of 3 periods of 15 minutes. More than 8 teams participated in division 1 and more than 12 in division 2 and 3. The winning teams were determined on each Sunday of the tournaments and stellar trophies gave them bragging rights. Throughout each tournament, all participants had access to Xbox and ping pong tables to stay loose.


HockeyShot couldn’t miss out on such a memorable event and quickly jumped in with their very own Skills Comp. The first skills comp to hit the event challenged the young hockey stars to show-off their puck and stickhandling skills with the HockeyShot Extreme Dangler. The athletes upped their performance with HockeyShot’s Pro Stickhandling Trainer, Swedish Stickhandling Wooden Balls and Extreme Stickhandling Balls.

Then the agile players moved onto HockeyShot’s Extreme Goal Targets testing their accuracy and strength when shooting the puck. The pucks whizzed through the air, caught by the Extreme Hockey Radars (catching up to all sorts of speeds!), and players commented on the ease and quality of HockeyShot’s Black Standard Pucks and Extreme Dryland Pucks. If those skill-testing training aids weren’t enough for turning young athletes into Pro’s, HockeyShot added in practice areas to challenge skill development. The players enjoyed practicing on their Roll-Up Shooting Pads, Extreme Passer Pro, Attack Triangle Pro, and HockeyShot Slide Board Pro. Each one of these training aids strengthens muscle, improve accuracy, and keep the mind disciplined. And, luckily for HockeyShot staff, the clean up of missed shots was made easier with HockeyShot Puck Bags and Puck Catcher Pro 😉


The “Best Shot” skills comp winners were announced on June 14th, 2016 and in honourable mention with a big congrats, the following pros-in-the-making took home $25 HockeyShot Gift Cards:

  • 2009 Nolan Wilson,
  • 2008 Emile Leroux, HC Select-Amirals
  • 2007 Olivier Groulx
  • 2006 Estaban Cinq-Mars
  • 2005 Samuel Rousseau HC Select-Amirals
  • 2004 Kassim Gaudet, Vikings
  • 2003 Brandon Perron, Riverains

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