Team Canada Women, Gold Standard Training

Girls who play hockey rock, and HockeyShot is thrilled to have ties with some awesome female hockey players from Team Canada. First up to tell us why she loves Hockey Shot is Caroline Ouellette. Caroline has been a pillar of Canada’s national hockey team since 1999, winning Olympic gold in Salt Lake City in 2002, Torino in 2006, Vancouver in 2010 and Sochi in 2014.

Caroline Ouellette is also a source of inspiration through her hockey camps, which utilize the great diversity of Hockey Shot Products. As Caroline told us,

“I currently run female hockey camps in Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and PEI. Hockey Shot has allowed us to create a fun environment in which young female players are learning and improving by doing high repetitions of a particular skill.  Whether we are working on skating, shooting, passing, stickhandling, dekes or deceptive moves, Hockey Shot’s products are remarkable. The HS Extreme Dangler , Attack Triangle Pro, Passer Pro, and Extreme Shooter Tutor challenge players at every level.”

We love that Caroline uses so many different Hockey Shot Products in her camps to help elevate specific hockey skills in every athlete.

Marie-Philip Poulin also knows the importance of improving your hockey skills through repetition and at home training. A member of the Canada Olympic Female Hockey Teams at age 18 that won the gold medal at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver she went on to win gold again at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, as well as scoring three goals for Canada to take home a Silver Medal in PyeongChang 2018. She has been referred to as the Sidney Crosby of women’s hockey for her high level of achievement at a young age, and Hockey Shot is proud to be part of her training.

When asked about how Hockey Shot Products were a part of Marie-Philip’s training process she answered,

“HS Training Aids are a big part of my off-ice season practice. To be an elite Olympian, I need to stay sharp, products like the HS Tiles, Passer Pro, Dangler and Slide Board Pro allow me to maximize my performance and be ready for the big games. HS Products are helping me improve my game every day.”

Players who use their Hockey Shot Products every day are the reason we do what we do! Take it from a 2x Olympic Gold Medalist and Team Canada Captain, at home training with Hockey Shot Products is a sure-fire way to improve your game on the ice.

Another great thing about Hockey Shot Products is their versatility in developing specific skills while being used in multiple different ice hockey training drills. Jenn Wakefield, a member of Team Canada who participated in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver as well as playing on the gold-medal winning team at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and the silver-medal winning team at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

Jenn is a relative newcomer to Hockey Shot Products but has already fallen in love with the quality and durability Hockey Shot Products provide. As she told us about her first encounter with our Product Line Up,

“This summer I was introduced to a variety of HockeyShot products on and off the ice and loved them all. I found they helped me improve my stick handling, shooting and passing. It was great having the option to train off ice in my driveway and all the products were easily transportable to the rink for on ice sessions.”

Another hockey pro who recently got a taste of all that Hockey Shot has to offer is Natalie Spooner, former player for the Canadian National women’s ice hockey team and current member of the Toronto Furies of the Canada Women’s Hockey League. After testing out Hockey Shot Products at the High-Performance Hockey Academy Natalie bragged,

“HockeyShot completely delivered this weekend at my High-Performance Hockey Academy! They generously donated on-ice training aids and giveaway items such as bracelets, stickers and unique promo codes to all participants. The kids loved using the products and wearing their new HockeyShot swag. We could not be happier :)”

Hockey Shot is committed to helping athletes of all performance levels continue to improve their hockey skills with at home training, so grab your gear today and get training!  

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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

HockeyShot Enhances Off-Ice Hockey Training Possibilities

HockeyShot has introduced their Dryland Flooring Tiles – Allstar Edition. Offering hockey players at all levels an off-ice training outlet to hone their craft without the hassle of having to worry about rink expenditures and time—or, for those extra tenacious and devoted parents, putting together a backyard patch of ice for that matter.


From the comfort of your driveway, garage or basement (this is when those unfinished basements come in handy), you can concentrate on various aspects of off-ice hockey training on a surface that mimics the feel of the ice in terms of both smoothness and its slick texture while stick-handling and passing the puck.

If you are looking to improve your stickhandling, shooting or passing, ANY Flooring Tiles from HockeyShot are the perfect solution, providing a similar gliding sensation to that which is found on a fresh sheet of ice, as you weave your magic with a hockey stick or burst forward explosively.

John Tavares, captain of the NHL’s New York Islanders, echoes these sentiments by stating: “I’m always looking for an edge to my game. HockeyShot Products, like the Flooring Tiles, are great to help keep my puck-handling and shooting sharp during the summer. All of their products help me to prepare better for next season.”

Building on their success from the original Flooring Tiles, HockeyShot has instilled a few upgrades in the off-ice allstar product, namely by enlarging the surface size and making the tiles thinner, which, in turn, increases the flexibility and adaptability provided, particularly on uneven platforms such as backyards for optimal off-ice hockey training.


That same fluid texture found on HockeyShot’s previously-formed tiles has returned, taking it to another level with its newest formula that increases the sleekness without sacrificing its ability to stave off hindering light reflections and the wear and tear of scratches.

Weather obstacles are another element that the preferred off-ice hockey training Dryland Flooring Tiles can overcome, thanks in large part to the UV protection and weather-proofing treatment instilled into each tile. They are more than capable of withstanding the blistering heat or the freezing cold; however, it should be noted that the tiles would be better suited for indoor storage to avoid lengthy sun exposure that could ultimately lessen the longevity of them.

As for assembling the tiles themselves and any concerns related to it, fear not; the convenient clipping system ensures that the task will be simple and hassle-free. Think of it along the same lines as an IKEA project (but much faster), except for home hockey purposes rather than home furnishings.


When you have completed your training, and exhausted yourself for the day, dismembering the tiles is similarly convenient, as they come apart without having to apply extensive force. Indeed, the only obstacle will likely be finding a logical reason to disassemble the tiles, unless of course you discover that it has become an overwhelming addiction in its usage.

Do not be fooled though; the tiles are remarkably durable, so much so that they can be pinned beneath a car and the only consequence would perhaps be in the form of a skid mark. Sorry parents, but you will have to find another method to pry your children away from HockeyShot Flooring Tiles.
While your friends might be looking forward to a summer filled with leisure and relaxation, you can get an edge on your competition, starting with the recommended 20 tiles in a box purchase to get going.

After that, the possibilities are endless and how far you wish to expand your self-improving hockey operation is entirely in your hands. Additional off-ice hockey training features such as Puck Stoppers, which act as miniature boards to keep the space confined and those pucks from wobbling elsewhere, and the Speed Deke Trainers, specifically designed for stick-handling drills, are just a couple of the exciting add-ons available.


“I have always been a big fan of shooting pucks during the summer. HockeyShot products took it to another level. Now, I’m not only shooting pucks; I can deke, pass, sauce and practice one-timers. Allstar tiles are amazingly slick and you just can’t get any closer to the real-ice feeling. Overall, the products are a lot of fun and help preparing me for on-ice situations,” said Aleksander Barkov, shootout specialist for the Florida Panthers.

Although endorsements from the elite players such as Tavares and Barkov are re-assuring, one should not feel that HockeyShot Flooring Tiles are merely intended for only those who compete in league action; on the contrary, they can be enjoyed by others who partake in the sport on a semi-regular basis.

HockeyShot’s Dryland Flooring Tiles are also a viable product for the youth who are considering starting hockey activities or are worried about keeping their bearings while skating on the ice initially.


“Combining AllStar Tiles, Puck Stopper Edging and Slide Board Booties works great when you want to work on your strides to improve your leg muscles. Skating will never be so easy,” said Alexei Yashin, former captain of the Ottawa Senators and New York Islanders.

Each tile measures 18″ x 18″ and 7/16″ thickness, all for the affordable price of $11.95 USD. To put that into context: a few hours on an ice rink will prove more costly than the 20 tiles which can jump-start your development or enhance it.

At that price, the only questions that should enter the minds of customers is how many of HockeyShot’s Dryland Flooring Tiles they will purchase at the first checkout and whether or not they can refrain from buying an abundance of them in the weeks that follow.

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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner



The 2016 HockeyShot Holiday Guide includes everything a hockey player could dream of coming down the chimney and landing under the tree this holiday season! This hockey gift guide is perfect for any hockey family because you will find all products necessary to take your game to the next level in the new year. If parents want fun & dynamic hockey training aids for incredible prices to help their kids achieve their goals on and off the ice, this guide will deliver! And in time for Christmas, Hanukah or whatever else you’re celebrating this year!

HockeyShot has everything for folks shopping on a budget to those who want to install a full-size Synthetic Ice Rink in their basement! Not sure what to get because there are so many different options? Why not give a Gift Card as a stocking stuffer and let the child choose their favorite skill building hockey equipment. The HockeyShot Holiday Guide is all you need this holiday season to bring a smile to a face and a sweat to a brow.

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The Top 15 Gift Ideas is what our experts believe to be the best options for the hockey consumer this holiday season. Christmas will be complete inside and outside your house by purchasing any of these fantastic products. Since introduced, the HockeyShot Dryland Flooring Tiles are one of the top selling products and is an exceptional practice surface to take your game to another level. Some other top gift ideas include the Extreme Hockey Radar, Home Training Center, and the Slide Board Pro.

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Looking for small accessories? Our Stocking Stuffers are an inexpensive option that will lead to lots of hugs from the little Timbits (It’s a Canadian thing). Some of the affordable products that will have them screaming “Santa, Santa, Santa” all Christmas morning include the Extreme Goal Targets, Extreme Dryland Puck, Extreme Dangler Mini, and the Extreme Stickhandling Ball. The Gordie and The Natural are two fantastic looking and comfortable GongShow hats that are simple gifts for either a kid, dad or mom to wear in 2017. In the Coach/ Dad section you will find everything you need for the adult hockey fan to make them smile as bright as the Christmas lights on your house. The Extreme Shooter Tutor, Attack Triangle Pro are perfect for both a coach and/ or dad. The SmartCoach Pro Pocket Board, and the Super Force CMG Whistle With Breakaway Lanyard are essentials for every hockey coach who doesn’t want to be on the naughty list for the 2017 season.

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We know most of you are on a budget this holiday season so we don’t want you getting a lump of coal under your tree this year. These are the best products under $200, $100, $50. The under $200 section includes phenomenal hockey tools such as the very popular Passing Kit Pro, Extreme Shooter Tutor, and Extreme Hockey Radar. The under $100 section features wonderful Santa Specials such as the Mini Sauce Combo, DIY Hockey Sauce Combo, and EZ Goal Knee Mini Hockey Goal Set<. The under $50 section is perfect for those who need a last minute gift idea to throw under the tree or to stuff the stockings. Extreme Goal Targets, Shooting Pads, and Extreme Dryland Pucks are outstanding hockey products that will light up their faces on Christmas morning and that makes it all worth it.

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Finally, you can press your luck in our clearance section! Who knows you may get lucky and find something you’ve always wanted for UP TO 60% OFF. Everyone loves finding hidden treasures so visit Santa’s Garage Sale. Find amazing products for amazing prices to help you get the most out of your budget this holiday season. The Goal Light NHL Edition is a superb gift for the NHL fan in your house, the Skate Training Aid will have you flying through the holidays and the competition on the ice, Complete Shot Stick Weight will improve your shooting and stickhandling, and there are many discounted DVDs to watch while sitting around the tree drinking hot chocolate this Christmas season.