Swedish Wooden Stickhandling Ball Review

Swedish Wooden Stickhandling Ball Review

If you visit any hockey store they will probably have a rack with hockey training aids that were developed to help you with your shooting, speed, or stickhandling. The stickhandling balls are one of the items that you can find in almost any hockey store. The balls started in Sweden when pro players noticed the Swedish hockey players using wooden balls to practice stickhandling, since then the product has become very popular among many hockey players around the world. The wooden stickhandling balls have even evolved into the Smart Hockey stickhandling balls, but we will save that for another review.

In this review we test out a wooden stickhandling ball, also known as a Swedish stickhandling ball. In the review we compared it to a regular hockey puck, and also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a wood stickhandling ball.

Wooden Stickhandling ball Compared to a Puck

One of the biggest problems with practising your hockey skills off of the ice is learning the proper movements, and then using them on the ice. This is why it is important to create an environment off the ice that is very similar to what you experience on the ice. We look at some of the variables that come into play when you stickhandle with a puck, and how they compare with a wooden stickhandling ball.

Wooden Stickhandling ball Compared to a Puck

Contact Point

The contact point is similar to the contact point of a puck, this means that the blade will contact the ball at almost the same height as it will contact a puck. Having a similar contact point will help train your muscles and build your muscle memory.


The wood stickhandling balls have a similar feel to how a puck feels on the ice. The biggest difference is the weight. The wooden balls are very light, they weighed in at 1.6 ounces ounces, which is about 4 ounces lighter than a puck. If you want a ball with a similar weight to a puck than you would need a Smart Hockey Stickhandling Ball, but I like the lighter weight because it allows hockey players to practice quick movements, and repetition. We suggest buying a Smart Hockey ball, and a wooden ball if you want to practice a variety of moves.

Slide and Bounce

The slide is hard to measure because the balls do not actually slide, they roll. The idea is that the balls are supposed to move and react at the rate of speed as a hockey puck would. If you use golf balls to stickhandle you will notice that they bounce all over the place, and are hard to control. The wooden stickhandling balls are very nice to use because the wood really cushions each impact, making them easy to control. For an even better slide you can pick up a hockey shooting board. These work great with pucks as well and will protect the bottom of your blade.


The one big advantage of the wood stickhandling ball is the price. These balls usually sell for around $3. This is nice because they work great, and do not cost that much. I like to buy about five at a time, this way I will have back up in case I lose or misplace one.

Overall Thoughts

Here I will discuss the pros and cons to purchasing a swedish stickhandling ball

Penalty Box

There was only one downfall that I could find with the wood stickhandling ball, and that is with durability. The wood is not very durable, and if it gets wet the balls will warp. I have a few warped balls, and suprisingly they work almost as good as a perfectly round ball, they just look a bit funny!

Score Sheet

There are a bunch of things that I liked about the wooden swedish stickhandling ball. I will list them all below

  • Light weight is great for repetition, and practicing quick moves and dekes

  • Wood feels very nice to stickhandle with, and is easy to control

  • With a ball you can practice your stickhandling anywhere

  • The balls are cheap so you can buy a few all at once, and do not have to worry about misplacing them

Swedish Stickhandling Wooden Ball

Swedish Stickhandling Wooden Ball from HockeyShot™

This 2′ hardwood ball is a great tool that a player can use to develop soft, quick hands. Think of the Swedish Stickhandling ball as the ‘Speed bag’ of stickhandling training.

Visit the Swedish Stickhandling Ball page

Shooter Tutor gaulie Review

Shooter Tutor Review

I first began using the Shooter Tutor when I was about 10 years old back in Toronto. My dad used to keep one in the trunk incase we had ever had a goalie “no-show” us for practice.

During high school (about 6 years later), I kept that same Shooter Tutor strapped to a full-sized goal in our side yard. I left it up through rain and shine, and shot anywhere from 50 to 100 pucks a day during the summers. Needless to say, it saw its fair share of abuse from me!

Years later, when I began running my own skill development camps, the first thing I invested in were two Shooter Tutors. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a practice or drop-in, and having nothing to shoot at, especially in a camp setting! So, following in my old man’s footsteps, I now keep one Shooter Tutor in my car for “emergencies” and the other one is strapped to my EZ Goal so I can keep my shot sharp between games.

So what’s so great about the Shooter Tutor? Well, a lot of things actually! It’s light-weight, portable, and durable enough to take years of abuse. The design is simple, yet sophisticated. You’ve got your classic 5 holes cut out; The steel bar sewn into the bottom keeps it hanging heavy so that pucks don’t trickle through under the goalie; You have to actually snipe to score (most of the time). Also, the combination of canvas with the bungie cord straps makes for a very realistic rebound when you miss your shot.


Because the Shooter Tutor is so well designed, lots of companies have tried to come up with their own versions. I obviously can’t speak for ALL of them, but I can tell you that I’ve used a number of them over the years, none has held a candle to the Shooter Tutor. Many of them tend to be lower quality, don’t stay strapped into the net as well, and don’t hold up to real shots from real pucks the same way the Shooter Tutor brand does. In my mind, the Shooter Tutor is tried and true, and well worth the investment!

Shooter Tutor

The Shooter Tutor is a great training aid to simulate goalie situations. This product is very durable and installs in a matter of minutes. It’s a great tool that you can bring at practices or at home as well.

Visit the Shooter Tutor page

EZ Goal Net Targets Review

EZ Goal Targets Review

The only thing better than blasting some hockey pucks at the net is having four targets in each corner to really challenge yourself! There are a lot of hockey targets out there and all of them vary in price and quality. Today we are reviewing the EZ Goal corner targets.

In this video we show you how to set up the targets and take a few shots to show you how the targets hold up to hockey pucks.


The targets sell for $19.95. You can also get the targets for free if you buy the EZ Goal Folding Hockey Net.


The targets have a fairly simple design. There are four triangle-shaped pockets, each connected by a thick polyester strap. Each corner target has two hooks that should hook into the nets wiggly-wire (the same wire used for lacing the net up). In order to get the targets to fit properly and assume the triangle shape, you must pull the tightening mechanism on the top, bottom, and both sides. The straps tighten with a simple tug of the rope.

EZ Goal Targets


There are two materials used to make the targets. The mesh pockets are made out of nylon and the straps are made out of polyester.

Taking the Targets to the Streets


EZ Goal Targets Installation

Installing the targets is easy, all you have to do is hook each target into the corner of your hockey net. The hooks attach easily to the “wiggly-wire” but you can also use strings to tie the targets into place. Each target is connected with straps and once you have each target in place, you simply pull the straps tight to keep the targets in place.


The EZ goal target fits into any regulation size hockey net, they fit nicely into each corner, and stayed in place while I was shooting.

EZ Goal – Pro Steel Folding Goal with Backstop Rebounder

EZ Goal Hockey backstop rebounder helps protect doors, windows and your garage. This is a 4’x6’ regulation size net with a 10’x6’ backstop that allows you to shoot hard in corners without the worry of chasing your pucks and balls. EZ goal backstop rebounder is a great tool to improve your accuracy, shot and your consistency.

Visit the EZ Goal – Pro Steel Folding Goal with Backstop Rebounder page

EZ Goal – Pro Steel FOLDING Goal with 4 Corner Netting Targets

The EZ Goal pro steel folding goal with targets is an excellent tool to practice your shot and accuracy. This 4’x6’ frame is made with Heavy Duty 2″ 1.2mm steel that is very easy to install and folds flat for storage use as well. Overall, this product is great to improve your game at home.

Visit the EZ Goal – Pro Steel FOLDING Goal with 4 Corner Netting Targets page

Powerslide Board Review

Powerslide Hockey Slideboard Review

Hockey slideboards are a unique training tool that are meant to help players improve their skating at home. Unless you can afford to run a hockey arena in your back yard the entire year or install fake ice, a hockey slideboard is the only chance you have to simulate skating. When it comes to slideboards there are a number of options available. In this article we will be reviewing the Powerslide.

What You Get with the Powerslide Slideboard

The Powerslide comes in an easy to carry nylon bag. When we emptied the bag, there were a number of items inside. When you order the slideboard you will get

  • Powerslide slideboard
  • Two end pieces / stoppers
  • A pair of “booties”
  • Nylon carrying bag

Powerslide Overview


The purpose of the slideboard is to provide hockey players with an area to practice skating. The slideboard is designed to be very smooth, and when used with the nylon booties people are able to slide smoothly from one side to the other. This sliding feeling replicates the feeling of sliding on ice with skates on.


The Powerslide package retails for $184.95 for the 8-foot size and $195.95 for the 10-foot size.


This was easy, all I needed to do was attach the two end pieces to the slideboard. One end piece is permanently attached with bolts, while the other can be moved in or out in order to allow more room to slide or less room to slide.

Testing Out the Slideboard

For this review I tested the slideboard to see how well I could slide, if it feels similar to skating, if I got a workout, and if I think it can help players improve their hockey skills.


I was definitely impressed at how easy it is to slide on the slideboard. The nylon booties are great, and make sliding across very easy. I started by sliding back and forth, and just getting a feel for the board, then I increased the distance of the slide by moving the end piece.


After a few minutes of going back and forth I could feel the burn. My inner thighs were starting to get a bit sore, and I could feel a bit of a burn in my upper legs.


The feeling is similar to skating because you need to push off with one foot, and then glide with the other. The difference is that on the Powerslide you only go back and forth, not forwards. I think that the Powerslide would help hockey players who do not use their edges or those who “run” on the ice.


I think younger hockey players will have more fun on the slideboard. As for me, after a while, sliding back and forth got a bit old. It kind of felt like public skating; I just can’t have fun without a hockey stick in my hand! That gave me a great idea though. Why not take the slideboard outside and put it next to my hockey shooting board?

Hockey Slide Board Combo Training

PowerSlide Board Package

PowerSlide Board Package

The Powerslide builds the quick, explosive power that athletes need for the court, field, and ice. Increased lateral power, strength, agility and endurance add up to the competitive edge an athlete needs!

Visit the PowerSlide Board Package page

SweetHands Passing Trainer Review

SweetHands Review

The Sweethands is a very simple concept, think of it as a sooped up line of hockey pucks. A good way for hockey players to practice moving the puck around obstacles is to line up a row of pucks and stickhandle through them. The only problems is that every time you hit a puck you will have to set the row of pucks up again. The Sweethands solves that problem by providing a number of “posts” that are all connected with an easy snap-on connection.


The purpose of the Sweethands is to challenge hockey players when they are stickhandling. With this device you can practice stickhandling around obstacles, over obstacles, and under obstacles. This constant challenge will encourage hockey players to work on the accuracy of their moves. This can be an advantage on the ice when a hockey player needs to feed a pass through a players skates, or stickhandle the puck through tight quarters or under a players stick.

What you get

The Sweethands comes in eight pieces, there are two starter pieces and six extension pieces. If you use one starter piece and all the extention pieces you will have an 8 foot long area for stickhandling. You can also use two starter pieces and 3 extension pieces on each to have 2 four foot long sections.


It is very easy to assemble the Sweethands, all you have to do is fit the tongue of an extension piece into the groove of a starter pieces and fold it down to lock it into place. You can then follow the same process to add on as many extensions as you would like.

Taking the Sweethands to the Streets

First Look

The SweetHands looks very durable, we got the basic model that was $99.95 and it looks like it will hold up for quite a while. The pieces are a bit bulky but I can’t really see a way to make this product without having the bulky pieces. The pieces fit together great and we were able to set up one 8 foot section and the two 4 foot sections without any problems.

Testing Out the Product – The concept of this product is so simple that it wasn’t hard to test. We tested it on pavement, and a hockey shooting pad. On the shooting pad we used a hockey puck, and on pavement we used a Green Biscuit and a Stickhandling Ball.

SweetHands Stickhandling Hockey Trainer

A player can see their improvement by the efficiency of doing SweetHands. The less time it takes to go forward and backwards thru the SweetHands without a mistake is a testimonial to their improvement.

Visit the SweetHands Stickhandling Hockey Trainer page

Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp Review

Sniper’s Edge Hockey Shooting Tarps Review

Shooting is a very important skill to practice on the ice and at home. The only problem is that a lot of players do not have the appropriate area to practice shooting at home. Parents are sometimes worries about the damage that the pucks may cause as this can cost a lot of money.

One solution is to provide an area for a child to practice shooting, and a great product is a shooting tarp also called the Sniper’s Edge.


The Sniper’s Edge is a very big tarp that can be hung in a garage or basement to catch and stop pucks. It was designed to reduce the damage caused by stray pucks and give children and adults a target to shoot at.


$209.95 for the 7′ by 16′ model & $229.95 for the 8′ by 16′ model.


The Sniper’s Edge uses a rubber / plastic type material that appears to be very durable. The tarp also has a goaltender and net painted on to recreate the on-ice situation of shooting on a goaltender. The Sniper’s Edge also features five pockets and a back pouch that will collect pucks. Every time a player gets the puck in the pocket the puck will be collected in the back pouch.

Close Look at the Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp


The Sniper’s Edge comes with eyelets at the top and a pocket all along the bottom to insert a rod or dowelling in to help it hang properly. The eyelets appear to be fastened securely on an area of the tarp that has been doubled up and double stiched. To set up the tarp, you just have to use ropes or bungee cords and you can install it in your basement or garage.


The material looks very durable and hey have used double stiching throughout the entire tarp. From the looks of the tarp it can hold up to a lot of pucks.

Overall Thoughts

Penalty Box

I couldn’t find any big faults with the product.

Score Sheet

  • Big tarp and fair price for the size you get

  • Goalie and net printed on the tarp gives the player targets to shoot for

  • Pockets in the tarp make great targets and makes shooting more fun

  • A great way to reduce damage

  • Will encourage kids to shoot the puck more and improve their shots.

Sniper’s Shooting Tarps

The Snipers Edge is a great hockey tool for home use. This hockey tarp is big enough to cover large areas and more importantly protect them. It gives players a chance to practice their shot, while not damaging windows and garage. The Snipers Edge is very easy to install and very durable as well. Let it make a difference in your game today!

Visit the HockeyShot Sniper’s Shooting Tarps page

QuickStickz Interactive Trainer Review

QuickStickz Review

The Quickstickz is a training device that was designed to improve your stickhandling at home. As a hockey player it is very important to be able to move the puck quickly. A good way to motivate hockey players to practice is to provide a good training atmosphere, and that is exactly what the Quickstickz does.

Purpose – The purpose of the Quickstickz is to help hockey players improve their stickhandling ability. The best way to improve is a skill is with repetition, a person has to repeat a motion about 10 000 times before they can do it automatically. The Quickstickz has a number of drills that a hockey player can perform to help them perfect quick puck movement, moving the puck around the body, and pulling the puck in towards their body.

Another purpose of the Quickstickz is to train hockey players to stickhandle with their head up. Hockey players must look at the screen to complete the drills, which means they can not stare at the stickhandling ball during the drill.

Testing Out the Quick Stickz Trainer

What you get – The Quickstickz comes with the infrared camera, a stickhandling ball with special reflectors and a short USB cord. In order to install the programs and drivers you simply log onto the Quickstickz website and download the appropriate files.

Setup – The setup was easy, I just plugged the camera into the computer, logged onto the Quickstickz site, then downloaded and installed all the stuff. The camera worked after that but with a few small problems (more on that later)

Using the Quickstickz – When I first tried using the program I browsed through the website and found a few drills to do. I clicked on the drill that I wanted to try and then put the ball under the camera (the camera was about 4 feet off the ground as instructed) The puck on the screen was bouncing all around, and not tracking where the ball was moving. I looked at the instructions and it said that infrared light (from the sun) will interfere with the camera; they were right!

I moved to the basement where there is not much light and did the drills on my laptop, this worked fine, but I would have preferred to be able to do the drills upstairs where my computer is hooked up to my big LCD tv.

Drills – There are a lot of cool drills on the website, they are designed to help you move the puck around your body, dribble the puck (quick movements), keep your head up, and pull the puck in close to your body. All of these skills are essential if you want to own the puck while on the ice. I liked the drills and thought that they were put together nicely.

Lag – I noticed a bit of lag / delay. It seemed like there was a split second delay from when I moved the ball to when it moved on the screen. I was able to adapt to this, and it only really happened when I moved the ball quickly.

Overall Thoughts

Penalty Box

I wanted to give this product a raving review but unfortunately there are a few infractions that I could not overlook. The first one is the price, $200 is a bit steep but if your kids uses the product for a while and improves then it is well worth the investment.

The next one is the infrared system, the camera is sensitive to sunlight and if any sunlight is involved the camera freaks out and the puck on the screen will bounce around like a pinball. This means on a nice sunny day, you can’t stick handle in the living room. If you want to use the Quickstickz you can only do it in a low-light room.

The last one is the lag, it was not a huge deal but there was a split delay between me moving the ball, and when the puck moved on the screen.


There were a few things that I really liked about the Quickstickz

  • Very cool concept.
  • Easy to install.
  • Fun to use.
  • Great for competition between siblings and friends.
  • The drills are well thought out and will help players improve in a lot of different areas.
  • Trains players to keep their head up.

QuickStickz Interactive Stickhandling Training System

The most important step in stickhandling is to be able to feel the puck on your stick blade without looking at it. QuickStickz allows you to do exactly that and it makes it so much fun to learn as you proceed through a series of games and challenges.

Visit the QuickStickz Interactive Stickhandling Training System page

Attack Triangle Review

Attack Triangle Review

This weeks featured product is the Attack Triangle. This is a hockey training aid that will help you become more creative and develop new moves. A lot of hockey players will practice stickhandling at home and on the ice, we usually set up a line of pucks or pylons to stickhandle around. The Attack Triangle provides a more game like obstacle.

Purpose – The purpose of the Attack Triangle is to provide a game like obstacle. Using pylons or pucks gives hockey players something to stickhandle around, but the Attack Triangle provides “lanes” like under the stick and through the legs. This obstacle will encourage hockey players to think of and practice new moves and be more creative.

Price – The Attack Triangle sells for $39.95 on HockeyShot.com. The pro model is made for heavier use and will work better on the ice.

What You Get – The Attack Triangle comes in five pieces that easily fit together to form the shape of a players skates and stick. For added re-enforcement you can put in some screws that also come with the Attack Triangle.

How It Works

Who Would Benefit from the Attack Triangle? – This would be a really good training aid to use if you have a few kids that play hockey, or if you have regular backyard hockey games. This can also be used off the ice for ball hockey and off-ice training. If you, or your kids practice stickhandling on a regular basis then the Attack Triangle would be a nice addition to your hockey training aid collection.

Attack Triangle Review

Assembly – It was really easy to put the Attack Triangle together, there were five pieces and each one easily fit together (using male and female ends) if you want to really keep them in place you can use screws, but I just pushed the pieces together so it would be easier to dis-assemble later.

Does it Work – The concept of the Attack triangle is so simple that it would be hard for it not to work. The triangle was fun to use as opposed to a pylon or a row of pucks. The odd time I would hit the Attack Triangle and a piece would come off so I would have to put it back together, I guess I should have installed those screws afterall!

Overall Thoughts

Penalty Box

There are not to many things that I could find wrong with the triangle, it is so simple that it is hard to find a fault. The only thing that I could think of is that it sells for $30, you would think that a few plastic pieces would sell for much less.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Promotes creative thinking and quick thinking during training
  • Better resembles “lanes” that a puck will need to travel through on the ice
  • Creates a more game-like environment for off-ice training
  • Will encourage players to think of new moves and try more creative moves during practice

Attack Triangle Pro

Attack Triangle Pro

The interactive Attack Triangle is designed to challenge players by replicating the positioning of an opponents skates and stick. The Attack Triangle forces players to develop puck movement skills.

Visit the Attack Triangle page

PowerBlade Weighted Hockey Stick

PowerBlade Weighted Review

Stickhandling and shooting are important skills for a hockey player to develop if they want to score goals. As the old adage goes “practice makes perfect” but is there a right and wrong way to practice? I believe that proper technique is the most important aspect that a player should work on, but once you have your technique down you should start working on strength and fitness. Incorporating weights into your training and practice regime is a good way to build your strength and quickness. A weighted hockey stick will allow hockey players to incorporate weights into their stickhandling and shooting training and help strengthen the muscles involved in sport-specific movements.

Purpose – The PowerBlade was designed to add weight to a hockey players stick without hindering technique. The stick is evenly weighted so that a hockey player can just pick it up and use it. The purpose of the weight is to over-train the muscles. By using a stick that is much heavier than normal to practice, a player will be able to move a regular weighted stick a lot faster, and with more power.

Price – The PowerBlade sells for $124.95 for the “Pro” model. This is the one that adults should get, there is also an intermediate that sells for $109.95

What you get – The stick comes in only one curve pattern, you can get it in intermediate or senior sizes (senior weighs the most at 2.4 lbs) The curve is a mid toe curve, and the shaft has a bit of grip. There is no flex rating on the stick.

Taking the PowerBlade to the streets

Stickhandling – Stickhandling with the PowerBlade felt normal as far as performing the actions goes. The stick is evenly balanced and weighted so when I was stickhandling it was just like stickhandling, but with a really heavy stick. I did notice I could not stickhandle quite as fast with the PowerBlade and I also mishandled the puck and stickhandling ball a few times because I was not quick enough to catch them. I practiced soft touch / quick hands, and also a number of stickhandling drills. I could really feel the muscles working after a few minutes of the quick hands drill. I felt the burn in my forearms and then switched to using different muscles.I like the workout that I got and when I switched back to my normal stick (weighing in at 490 grams) I felt lighting fast!

Passing – I was practicing my passing into the X-Passer (review) and noticed that I got a really good workout. The X-Passer is great for quickly rebounding the puck, and the weighted stick really helps work the muscles involved in passing. Since giving a hard pass uses similar muscles as shooting a puck I think that using the X-Passer with the PowerBlade would help improve the power of your shot (I will have to do some testing over the summer!)

Overall Thoughts

Penalty Box

I can not find anything major that I did not like about the stick. One thing to note is that if you ONLY train with a weighted stick it will likely throw your stickhandling off for a bit when you get on the ice. I recommend starting with the PowerBlade and then finishing with a regular stick so you can keep the muscle memory of a regular weighted stick.


  • Great design and concept
  • Feels like a quality stick
  • Nice grip and feel to the stick
  • Evenly weighted (does not feel awkward to use)
  • Awesome tool to use if you want to do sport specific muscle training
  • One of the best ways to over-train the exact muscles you use for shooting and stickhandling

PowerBlade Weighted Hockey Stick

The PowerBlade Weighted Hockey Stick is available in multiple sizes and sides as well. This weighted composite stick is one of a kind, and will dramatically increase your strength, power and speed. Great for off-ice training, this product will help you develop faster hands, more control & a harder shot.

Visit the PowerBlade Weighted Hockey Stick page