Off-Ice Training Dryland Tiles Review

It’s common knowledge by now that to evolve your hockey game you need to practice your skills even when you’re off the ice. This has become increasingly simple thanks to a wealth of new products and services available to anyone trying to take their game to the next level.

This video reviews HockeyShot Flooring Tiles, an ice-simulated surface that allows you to practice anything from receiving a pass to firing a shot on goal. The tiles come in 18 by 18 inch squares, and can be purchased in any quantity you desire. This is perfect for people who have different sized areas where they want to practice. No matter what your need is, HockeyShot has you covered, literally!

Perfect for Any Skill Level!

We recommend starting out with at least 10 tiles, so you have a decent area to get comfortable with the puck, while also being able to practice your shot. The most impressive part of HockeyShot tiles is how easy they are to assemble. You simply line up the matching ends of each tile, and with just the pressure of your hand snap the pieces together to give you an instant practice surface.

Extra Durable

These hockey training tiles are worth the investment alone in durability. They’re perfect for the garage or driveway, and can even withstand the weight of a parked car. They don’t require any upkeep or maintenance other than the occasional sweep to keep the simulated ice surface ideal. If you do notice any wear or tear on your tiles, simply use a furniture cleaner to return that shine to your surface.

Easy Installation

What’s so great about the versatility of this surface and the lock-together mechanism of the tiles is that you can use them for anything. Whether you buy 10 or 100, there’s always a way to take advantage. If your surface is large enough, you can set up multiple stations to practice your stick handling, invite a friend over to practice crisp passes, or hammer away at the net with your best slap shot. Check out Jeremy Rupke’s video on how to install the HS Tiles to see for yourself how easy it is!

HS Dryland Tile Installation

There is no maximum or minimum order size for the tiles, which means you never need to feel pressured into buying more. HockeyShot tiles are perfect for any skill level, which makes them a great investment for anyone from serious players to house-league hockey families!

Shooter Tutor Review from HockeyShot

A great man once said, “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take…”

So what are YOU waiting for? Grab a bag of pucks and stick and start practicing your shots on the HS Extreme Shooter Tutor! All hockey players LOVE the feeling of SCORING GOALS and this HS product helps you get there! With eleven target holes to aim for instead of five it doesn’t take long before you’re comfortable raising your arms above your head and celebrating the game winning goal!

Check out this video review by Jeremy Weiss. He’s also got a shooting tips video coming out soon so stay tuned hockey fans!

This heavy duty nylon tarp fits over the mouth of any standard hockey net. Its durability can handle your hardest slap shot but it’s light enough to carry with you no matter where you decide to practice. The unique bungee/steel wire attachment is designed for easy installation for any age. When you miss your target the tarp projects juicy rebounds to clean up in and around the net. Use the system regularly and you’ll become a scoring threat and rebounding specialist from anywhere on the ice! The best part is, goal posts remain fully exposed so you always hear that sweet “PING” sound of BAR-DOWN or BAR-IN!

Combine the HS Shooter Tutor with:

HS Extreme Shooter Tutor

shooting tutor from hockey shot

Use the HS Extreme Shooter Tutor regularly and you’ll become a scoring threat and a rebounding specialist from anywhere on the ice!

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HS Extreme Goal & Backstop Review

When you’re looking to train at home on days you can’t be at the rink, the last thing you want to worry about is damaging the car in the garage or driveway, or even worse, putting a hole through the 60” big screen television in the basement. The HockeyShot Extreme Goal & Backstop Combo, a 4’ x 6’ regulation-sized net with an extra 2.5’ netted backstop, will give you peace of mind from damaging the home while getting in some extra training.

This is a great new product that is similar (yet more durable) than the Easy Goal & Backstop, another great product available here on The set up is much the same, with parts coming right out of the box neatly sorted and pretty self-explanatory. You will not be throwing screwdrivers and cursing at your spouse like you do while putting together products from a well-known Swedish furniture store we all love and hate. Offering easy pushpin installation (located on the backside of the unit so it won’t get dinged by pucks), the thick piping on both the goal and backstop provide a solid construction, while the polyester UV protected netting guarantees a long-lasting and sustainable product. Setting up the frame first, followed by the netting and backstop, total assembly time should take about two and a half hours. That’s half hour for the goal and backstop, and two hours just for the netting. It’s easy but takes some time, so don’t let that discourage you.

With netting on both sides (about 11 feet wide) and across the top, the set up makes it nearly impossible for even the most incapable shooter to miss the netting. It’s fairly simple to string in during set up, with little red flags positioned to help you keep things straight. Running two strings of netting, it’s easiest to start by knotting them in the middle then pulling one side to the left and down, and the other pulled to the right, down and around. Be sure to go every single eyelet on the net so there are no gaps left open for a puck to sneak through. The netting set up is simple but a little tedious, so feel free to go every other hole on the meshing for the backstop if you want to save some time. It’s secured with bungee cord, so no need to worry about it flying loose.

The nice thing about the HS Extreme Goal with Backstop is that you can practice your shooting straight on, or adjust the backstop by turning it inwards so you can also practice your corner shots. The top meshing stays intact and doesn’t move along with the sides, which allows you to work on different aspects of your shot.

If you’re looking for a great accessory to maximize your training with this product, the HockeyShot Extreme Goal Targets are available on our website for $24.95. Set those up and fire away!

HS Extreme Goal with Backstop works for all ages, providing range large and easy enough for players just starting out, and offering stability solid enough to withstand the stronger and more experienced shooters.

Even the pros can testify to the quality of this product. John Tavares, captain of the New York Islanders, says:

“I’m always looking for an edge to my game. HockeyShot products, like the HS Extreme Goal with Backstop, are great to help keep my puck handling & shooting sharp during the summer. All of their products help me to prepare better for the next season.”


HS Extreme Goal with BackStop

Synthetic Ice

Training at home? Protect your house, your car and your neighbours with the HockeyShot Extreme Goal & Backstop combo, a 4′ x 6′ regulation-size net with a 78″ tall by 30″ wide backstop that protects whatever’s behind it from scuffing or worse.

Check out the HS Extreme Goal and Backstop




Teakle Brothers Testimonial on HockeyShot’s Synthetic Ice

Toronto’s Teakle brothers are two large, strong, savvy hockey coaches. Sean Teakle is the Head Coach of the Hill Academy hockey team, and his brother Justin is the Head Coach and Head Hockey instructor of the Toronto Patriots hockey team.

Sean has coached some great talent like recent Edmonton Oiler first rounder Connor McDavid. His brother Justin played with not-so-shy Montreal Canadiens star PK Subban. Both are Pro Hockey instructors and know how to train high-calibre players.

The Teakle brothers took some time out of their schedule to talk to HockeyShot. Stephen pointed out that some of the best athletes to ever strap on the blades have installed HockeyShot synthetic ice surfaces in their home:

  • Jason Spezza
  • John Tavares
  • Bobby Ryan
  • Figure skating great, and Olympic medallist Elvis Stojko

Sean said “I really think you can really transfer the skills you learn on the Synthetic ice can transfer over to your own ice. I could feel the resistance on it, and you can transfer the skills you learn…I think it will make my job two times easier. You feel like there is more resistance when you are skating, and you feel like you might fall forward, fall backwards, or fall sideways at times, and it makes you work harder”

Justin mentioned to skate on the HockeyShot artificial ice surface, you have to keep your hips down tight, your knees bent, and your shoulders back. He says “you have to be in a perfect hockey stance permanently to maintain balance”.

Sean agreed with Justin, and felt that using the HockeyShot practice surface would teach you to have more explosive starts, and skate harder on the ice.

Take it from the pros: the synthetic ice surface from HockeyShot gives players at any stage of their game a great workout, more jump in their stride, and challenges you to hone your posture and stride while manoeuvering around the familiar confines of your basement or garage space. No sprays, lubricants or chemicals required!

HockeyShot Synthetic Ice

Synthetic Ice

Take home-ice advantage to a whole new level with HockeyShot’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, the closest surface to real ice on the market.

Visit the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice page

Extreme Goal Targets Review

Extreme Goal Targets Review

Do you need to work on your shooting accuracy? Looking for a simple, cost effective way to improve your shot? Well then the HockeyShot Extreme Goal Targets are for you.

The HockeyShot Extreme Goal Target system is a simple, cost effective tool for improving shooting accuracy both for on ice as well as off ice training. Each set of three flag targets hang on a bungee cord which has hooks on each end to attach to the goal. You can use multiple sets at different vertical positions across the goal and move the flags to where you want as well.

The entire system is extremely light weight so that you can take them in your hockey bag to the rink or just about any place where a net is set up for practicing. And the price won’t break the bank either. The light weight of the targets also eliminates the annoying shifting of heavier target systems after a few uses which requires taking time out of practicing shooting to readjust the targets.

The video demonstrates how simple the system is to set up and use and also shows using the targets both by adults and kids. You can use the HockeyShot Extreme Goal Targets in combination with the HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit set up in the goal to practice rebound shots. And the video shows you how to use these two products together as well.

Product Features

  • Bungie Cord w/hooks on each end
  • Three flag targets (10″ x 10″)
  • Flexible positioning/adjustable
  • Hangs in the Net
  • Light weight – does not weigh down and droop
  • Portable – folds up and easily fits in hockey bag
  • Cost Effective – reasonably priced

HockeyShot Extreme Goal Targets

Become the sniper your team needs you to be with HockeyShot’s Extreme Goal Targets. In seconds, you can configure them however you want in a net or on a wall, and you can create drills for yourself to improve accuracy and shot power.

Visit the Extreme Goal Targets page

Elvis Stojko skates on synthetic ice

Four time Canadian Olympian, and celebrated figure skating champion Elvis Stojko talked to a Performance Trainer about his love of’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice.

Elvis said, “Over the years in my career, about twenty years ago, I was able to try a product which was called ‘Glice’. You had to use sprays on it, it was messy, and it was tough to skate on it. You’d trip and fall, and it was kinda weird!”

Flash forward twenty years, and Elvis has become and evangelist for Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, which doesn’t require sprays, liquids or other messy compounds. Elvis told Stephen “For maintenance, ease of use, for set up, and overall, I think this is the best product out there!”

Whether you are using hockey skates or figure skates, synthetic ice challenges skaters to take more powerful strides and dig harder into their turns but you can’t find a surface which is closer to the experience of skating on frozen water ice than this.

There is a little more friction, though by enabling athletes to train in their basement, garage, or other indoor spaces, synthetic ice offers opportunities to, as BodyBreakers Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod would say, “Keep Fit, and Have Fun!” Instead of skating on well-worn ice, you can practice your stride and techniques like deking, passing, and moving shots.

Elvis said, “When you train on this surface, and then you get on the ice, you just fly, because your muscles are honed, and you just push harder, which makes it that much easier!”

Stephen, who has trained hockey players and skaters at all levels, agrees, and says many people have told him “After working out on the synthetic ice, and then getting back on real ice, it’s just, Wow! I’m so much faster, and so much more explosive! It’s kind of like Mohammed Ali, how used to work out under water, because water has more resistance than air, you have to work harder. When you take away some of the resistance, you can skate much faster!”

Extreme Glide ice doesn’t require any sprays, oils or other lubricants to keep the synthetic ice. You can also do other workouts on synthetic ice. If you don’t have the luxury of a lot of space, you don’t have to completely dedicate a room where you set up the Extreme Glide surface to skating and hockey practice, you can still use the rooms for other purposes.

No Elvis Stojko interview or video would be complete without showcasing his fancy figure skating footwork. I could be the best blogger in the world, and not do Elvis justice. You’ll just have to watch the synthetic ice video, or you can probably find other footage of Elvis, skating to the “Dragon” soundtrack somewhere on the internet.

If you’ve read this far, you are no doubt intrigued by’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice. The best way to found out just how effective it is to practice on Extreme Glide synthetic ice, you’ll want to:

  • Order your own Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice
  • Set it up in your own home or business
  • Sharpen your skates, and try it out for yourself!

HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro

Synthetic Ice

Take home-ice advantage to a whole new level with HockeyShot’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, the closest surface to real ice on the market.

Visit the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Pro page

Slide Board Review with Drills

In this video, you will learn about how to maximize your off ice training with the HockeyShot Slide Board Pro. Not only are you introduced to the product but you will learn how to develop excellent skating form and see some variations on drills to improve your performance. The basic function of the Slide Board is to work on the side to side skating motion and improve your skating form and strength without ice.

First, the features of the HockeyShot Slide Board Pro are examined. The product is fully assembled and you are shown both the top and bottom of the adjustable stoppers and how they prevent the slide board from moving. Then various drills are demonstrated showing how you can maximize your use of this product not just for skating but for a wide variety of exercises and skills training.

If all you could do with the Slide Board was work on your side to side motion for skating, you would get bored pretty quickly. Add a twenty pound medicine ball to your routine to strengthen your muscles while working on the side to side skating motion. Also, you can try some of the non-skating exercises illustrated in this video to enhance your workouts such as those used by mountain climbers to improve your leg strength, flexibility, core and get a great cardio workout at the same time. In fact, some of the exercises shown were from working with Gary Roberts and Steven Stamkos!

By adding a shooting pad to the HockeyShot Slide Board Pro, you can work on your side to side skating while stickhandling a Green Biscuit to allow you to both focus upon your skating technique and puck handling skills together. Remember to always keep your head up.

Slideboard Features

  • Smooth plastic surface measuring 22 inches in width
  • Available in 8 and 10 foot lengths
  • Comes with two adjustable stoppers
  • The stoppers are padded with thick foam for ease of pushing off
  • The stoppers have handles for non-skating exercises
  • Heavy, angled rubber bottoms on the stoppers to hold the slideboard in place
  • Two booties to slide over your shoes

HS Slide board pro

HS Slide Board Pro

Before you can become an excellent player, you have to become an excellent skater. The fully adjustable Hockey Slide Board Pro was designed to build the muscles to help you get there.

Visit the Slide Board Pro page

Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight Review

Lamplighter Stick Weight Review

Having a harder shot is a common goal for many hockey players. There are quite a few products on the market today that promise to help you improve your shot and the Lamplighter stick weight is one of them. The Lamplighter is a weighted bar wrapped in fabric that can be inserted into the shaft of the hockey stick. The purpose of this product is to add weight to your stick while shooting which in turn will build your muscles and improve your shot power.

Overall Thoughts

I like the idea of using weights in training as long as it does not affect your technique. When using the Lamplighter it seemed that most of the weight was at the top of my stick which threw the balance and feel of the stick off (it appears the weight was a little too snug in my stick which may only happen with some models of hockey sticks). I did feel the difference and noticed it in my muscles so I think that when used properly the Lamplighter would help build the muscles involved in shooting.

What I typically do is shoot with a normal stick and pucks first, then add some weights, then shoot normally to end the session, this helps keep your shooting technique the same.

Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight

The Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight is a very efficient tool to help increase your shot velocity, stickhandling skills and upper-body strength. The hockey stick is perfectly balanced and can be used with any hollow shafted stick. This stick can be used not only on the ice, but off-ice as well.

Visit the Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight page

Ultimate Goalie Shooting Target Review

Goalie Shooting Target Review

One of the best ways a hockey player can improve their goal scoring is by working on their shot. Accuracy is a very important part of shooting, and should be practiced on a regular basis. In the NHL the BEST players average about 5 shots per game and they are playing three 20 minute periods. I would guess that most good minor hockey players get about 1-6 shots per game. When you look at it this way you can understand why working on your shot is so important! If you only get about 1-6 shots per game you need to make sure each one is accurate and powerful.

If you ask me, the best way to make shooting practice more fun is to have some targets to shoot at. When I was younger I had a goalie tarp and it was perfect for practicing my accuracy. In this article I will be reviewing the Ultimate Goalie Shooting Target.

Overall thoughts of the Goalie Target

Overall I love this product, it is good quality, easy to use, and gives hockey players some targets to shoot at. If you plan on shooting on a regular basis it’s a good idea to have a few targets in the net. This Goalie target gives you 5 different spots to shoot. The only downside to the product is the cost. It retails for $139, which is a bit steep, but if you plan on practicing your shot for a while it is a product that will last and is worth investing in.

Compared to other targets: Most targets are cheaper but will not last as long. Most other targets are mounted in the corners and the goal is to hit them with pucks. The problem is with repeated use these targets wear out and break. The Goalie Target is much more durable and will withstand a lot of shots!

Ultimate Goalie Hockey Target

The Ultimate Goalie Hockey Target is a great tool to simulate hockey situations with a real goalie. You can practice your shot, accuracy and consistency with it. It installs very easily and is very durable as well. Overall, it’s one of the best goalie products on the market and a great way to sharpen your skills.

Visit the Ultimate Goalie Hockey Target page

Hockey Workout Equipment – Slideboard Pro

Slideboard Pro Review

If you are looking for hockey workout equipment for off-ice stickhandling, passing, shooting or skating practice, the Slideboard Pro is a great setup for both kids and adults.

Available in both 8-foot and 10-foot models, the Slideboard Pro can be used for speed skating workouts, with the longer strides or for hockey skills and your more traditional skating movements.

The Slideboard Pro can be used on its own for practicing your stride, or you can mix it up with some passing rebounders, or stickhandling blocks or line it up to a road hockey net for shooting practice. Use it inside on your basement or laminate floor, outside on flat concrete or other smooth surface, or at the arena for a pre-game workout. Set up of the Slideboard Pro takes only minutes, and is completely portable in its own tote bag. Looking for a great gift set up for the hockey player in your family?

Here are some accessories you can pick up to complement the Slideboard:

  • The Green Biscuit stickhandling puck
  • The HockeyShot Extreme Stickhandling Ball
  • The Extreme Passing Kit
  • One of many Shooting Pads that are available
  • A Shooting Target or tarp

Slideboard Pro Installation image

Once you have your practice environment set up and are ready to get your Slideboard Pro assembled, lay the end bumpers down so the HockeyShot logo faces towards the floor. Lay the sliding surface down to the desired stride length. Finally, add the tightening screws to secure the Slideboard Pro to the length you want it, and put on the booties which are included with the kit.

You’ll find the foam on the bumpers will make the stride guards comfortable whether you are wearing booties or not. Be sure to supervise young children who are using the Slideboard, as it is slippery! Knee pads aren’t frowned upon for safety. You can use the Slideboard to practice your stride while you practice, (as you likely have guessed) to practice:

  • Skating either with your hands free or with weights of some kind.
  • While you practice stick handling
  • Mixing it up with some passing with the Green Biscuit, a ball and the Extreme Passing Kit
  • Shooting at a net or target

The Slideboard Pro is great to practice your skating stride year round, or to warm up before a game or practice. It is very compact for travelling and also only takes up a narrow piece of real estate on the floor if you are in a hallway or hotel room while travelling to an away game.

If you are off the ice and want that familiar motion to train your mind and body to multitask while skating and navigating the puck, you can’t beat the Slideboard Pro!

HockeyShot Slide board pro

HS Slide Board Pro

Step up your passing game with HockeyShot’s Extreme Passer Pro! Work on shuffle passes, bullet crosses, and even long leaders.

Visit the Slide Board Pro page