Hockey Dad Takes Kids for a Skate of a Lifetime

If you’re still not sold on the new HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles, have a look at this review video from HockeyShot’s Hockey Dad, Jeremy Weiss. In the video he tests out the Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles in a ‘small, medium and large’ format, and addresses some questions that you at home might have before purchasing.

The Hockey Shot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are a fantastic product that are skate-able, affordable and lightweight. They are also flexible enough to be forgiving on uneven surfaces, as well as being weather resistant, UV protected and self-lubricating. They are easy to assemble and disassemble while requiring no extra tools.

In the video Jeremy gives us a birds eye view of what a setup with 60 tiles, 120 tiles and 260 tiles looks like, so you can get a better idea for how much you can do with different sets of tiles. He also gives us a few training drills with his favorite 8-10 year old players to demonstrate how much fun kids can have with their favorite HockeyShot Products.

In the first drill, Jeremy utilizes the HS Extreme Shooter Tutor, HS Passer Pro and HS Goal & 2D Backstop Combo to showcase a 60 tile synthetic ice set up with 2 players. Doubling the size to 120, Jeremy adds 3 more players on the ice, for a total of 5, and adds the HS Extreme Danglers to the mix for his synthetic ice training drills. Next we see the piece de resistance, a full 260 tile setup equipped full with HockeyShot Training Products including the HS Extreme Defender.

One of the best parts about the HS Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles review video is you can really see how much fun the kids are having while training. While these tiles are great for players of any age or skill level, kids really enjoy the sensation of skating on synthetic ice while maximizing the amount of training area they have.

As an added bonus, Jeremy also gives us his notes on which part of the Synthetic Ice benefits from each type of siding. If you are confused as to whether the Puck Stopper Edging or the Smooth Edging is right for you, this will be very helpful in figuring out which synthetic ice hockey training setup will be a perfect fit in your home.

The HS Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are fun and easy to use while being a great at home training aid, for a fantastic price. You too can be practicing your hockey skills on a tennis court in the summer heat with the HS Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles, so pick some up and get started on perfecting your skills today.

Celebrate any occasion with top-rated synthetic ice rentals, all-year-round

The Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice from HockeyShot is the #1 the training tool for hockey players looking to improve their game during any season at-home. The synthetic ice offers versatile training solutions for players year-round, helping keep players’ skating, stickhandling, and passing crisp and agile. The demand for this ice-like experience has been ever increasing especially in markets where Ice-time has become more difficult and expensive to come by.

While a great training tool — at the same time, the synthetic ice panels are a show-stopper at any major festivity, event, or party; leaving skaters with an ice-like skating experience and smile on their face after stepping off the ice is what HockeyShot is all about. That’s exactly why HockeyShot now proudly offers synthetic ice rentals!

HockeyShot’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels, each measuring 4’x4’x3/8″ in thickness and weighing 31 pounds, can be easily assembled on any hard-flat surface – giving you the convenient capability of setting up your off-ice skating surface, wherever you please.

By arranging an order, you can, for once, have the ice delivered to your doorstep. All for the price of $65* per panel!

As for maintenance, and whether you’ll be calling a zamboni driver afterwards? There’s no need to sweat it. The panels’ self-lubricating additive handles the heavy lifting, keeping the ice in tip-top condition. We just ask that you give the synthetic ice panels a quick mop with warm water and mild soap. From there, we’ll swing by and pick up the panels and then we’re off to the next satisfied customers.. 

But you can’t forget — there’s so many possibilities with HockeyShot’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels, both for developing your game and enjoying the chance to skate, wherever. While, initially, a trampoline or playhouse might be amusing to kids, HockeyShot’s Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels are bound to excite children long after they have taken their first step onto the ice; this will escalate a mediocre, decent birthday or graduation into a memorable, cherished celebration.

Similarly, adults too can find a number of useful formats to showcase the synthetic ice panels, which include, but are not limited to, grand openings, fashion shows, broadcasted events, public park or city square demonstrations, banquets, weddings, church functions, holiday festivals, fairs, fundraisers and conferences; essentially, wherever you intend to make a grand and lasting impression.
Honestly, grown-ups also will likely be incapable of resisting the urge to lace them up and see what all of the fuss is about—and, perhaps, to see how many strides they can muster up before tumbling to the synthetic ice.

Jordan Staal, captain of the National Hockey League’s Carolina Hurricanes organization, and a former Stanley Cup winner in 2009 as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins, sees how beneficial the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels would have been to a child with dreams of becoming a professional hockey player, such as himself.

“I wish I would have had access to HS Synthetic Ice when I was a kid aspiring to be an NHL player. Their Synthetic Ice is the best I’ve ever skated on, and it allows me to train at home during the summer. Their training aids are now an essential part of my off-ice training. Join the HS revolution, I did!” he said.

If you do find yourself in the likely scenario of visiting one of these outdoor rinks, just be sure to bring your skates, otherwise there could be some bitter disappointment when you have to watch, helplessly, as everyone else does their finest Sidney Crosby impersonation while you are left to wonder what could have been.

Indeed, the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels are bound to attract a plethora of willing participants who are ready to test their authenticity. In fact, you would be wise to hire a bouncer as well to ensure that chaos does not ensue when everyone is lining up, eager to be involved within the rink pleasantries; otherwise, there may be no predicting or controlling the amount of instigator penalties that are certain to be initiated!

Next time, when a birthday or special occasion creeps up on you, think twice before opting to arrange for a bouncy castle, petting zoo or the so-called entertainment of a clown; with the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels, your friends, family, clients and, of course, HockeyShot, will thank you for it.

Hockey Experts Choose HockeyShot

It is important to stay consistent and motivated all year so that your hockey skills never fall short. Hockey Shot Products can help develop and maintain your skills in a range of ways. Need help deciding which product is right for you? Let’s hear from some renowned hockey coaches and experts to hear which Hockey Shot Product is their go to training aid.

Pavel Barber, stickhandling specialist and creator of ‘World’s Best Amateur Hockey Videos’ on YouTube which has more than 150,000 subscribers, has partnered with Hockey Shot to help bring Hockey Shot Training Aids to his subscribers. When asked about Hockey Shot, Pavel responded by saying,

“Working with Hockey Shot has been great. I am always very cautious when I align myself with a certain brand. I see them as a progressive brand who care about the advancement of the game. They have been very open minded with me which is extremely important as an “ideas guy”. I need to have an environment like that to get good ideas going to help out the best I can, and they definitely provide that. I am beyond excited in partnering with them and can’t wait to see what we can do for the game of hockey in the future.”

We feel the same way about Pavel and are thrilled to help him step up his training game as well as his audiences.


One of Hockey Shot’s top selling products, the Dangle Puck, is one of Pavel’s favourites because it provides a realistic training experience that allows you to practice your skills to be able to dangle around any player. As he told us,

“The Dangle Puck blew me away! I am constantly in desperate search for off-ice pucks that perform and slide like they do on ice or dryland surfaces… No other puck came close to being able to slide like this one. It’s like a puck sliding on a clean sheet of ice! Total game changer as it forces me to react faster and allows me to transfer from off-ice to on-ice easier.”

Second round pick for the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2007, Stefan Legein knows a thing or two about at home training, so we asked him what Hockey Shot Products help him keep his game in peak condition. When asked about the importance of off-ice training Stefan said,

“Off ice training means exercising daily and HockeyShot products make sure to always keep me and my clients in great shape. They provide the best products to get the most out of my training regimen. I personally like the SKLZ dryland items.”

We are thrilled to hear Hockey Shot is a big part of Stefan’s training regime, but what products help him keep up not only his endurance but also technical skills like stickhandling? Hockey Shot Products help Stefan keep all aspects of his game sharp as he tells us,

“My student’s stickhandling has never been quicker! The HockeyShot stickhandling products make practicing very easy. I like to use the Stickhandling Balls with Extreme Danglers to improve hand speed on or off the ice.”

And what about when it comes to training alone? The Hockey Shot Clamp On Passer is here to keep you motivated just like Stefan, “Thanks to HockeyShot, passing & shooting has never been easier! The Clamp On Passer rebounds the puck right back to you as if you had a friend there and the Shooter Tutor gives you real target holes to aim at just like a goalie.” We’re glad that Stefan loves the versatility of Hockey Shot Products as much as we do.

To cap it off we have Hockey Shot’s official Bench Boss Jeremy Rupke. We have partnered with Jeremy and his website to help bring premium hockey training aids and drills to your home. We here at Hockey Shot very much admire Jeremy and we think it’s safe to say he feels the same way after he said,

“HockeyShot truly is the leader for innovative ice hockey training products. They continue to push the envelope, achieving success in creating off & on ice tools that any hockey player (young or old) would be happy to own. If you want to improve your game, HockeyShot is the only way to go!”


Thanks for all the kind words from our friends and partners. Hockey Shot is thrilled to have relationships with so many great hockey coaches and experts out there. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality hockey products and at home hockey training aids, so what are you waiting for? Join the Hockey Shot Revolution today.

karina penner headshot

This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

Qualified Skating Coach Puts Synthetic Ice to the Test!

HockeyShot’s Skating Sensei, Jim Vitale, welcomed us into his basement hockey training area to tell us why he chose HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels for his training needs. Jim did some research when looking into a few different synthetic ice surfaces on the market, and he told us there was “no doubt in my mind that HockeyShot had the best product on the market.” We agree with Jim, and after trying out the new HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels we are sure you will too.

HockeyShot is so sure that our products are superior that we give you 7-10 years of warranty per side on the Synthetic Ice Panels. That means that you can have at least 14-20 years of at home training and play time with these Panels with proper care. That is sure to take a load off your mind in terms of durability, longevity and bang for your buck.

Another reason the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels are a step above the rest is the self-lubricating polymer.This means that you aren’t spending a lot of time or effort in trying to push and get that natural feel, it comes without any work at all and no need for any waxes or add-on liquids.

The HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels are also super easy to install. They come in 4×8 sheets which are lightweight enough for most people to carry on their own. Our Interlocking Dovetail panels significantly outperform traditional spline and square-edge styles and require no extra tools or equipment. Jim even takes his customization one step further by sawing one tile in half to fill in the extra corners and nooks of his at home basement hockey training setup.

Another great way to maximize your at home hockey training setup is to add some shooting tarps and aids to help get you in the scoring zone. The Crowd Goes Wild Shooting Tarp is one of our favorites to help transform your basement into the stadium of your dreams.

Its every players dream to have an efficient and durable at home training area. With the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels this dream can be a reality. Perfect for any garage, basement or backyard, the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels are the absolute best way to help make sure your game stays in top shape. Have no doubts that HockeyShot Products are the best on the market with this video from Jim as well as our other testimonials from renowned coaches, players and trainers. When it comes to HockeyShot you are getting the highest quality product and best at home hockey training aids out there. What are you waiting for?

How NHL Players Train & Why They Choose HockeyShot

Nobody knows how to keep their game sharp like an All-Star NHL Hockey Player. HockeyShot has a long-standing relationship with some of the best of the best in the NHL, and is always pumped to be able to help them improve their training. We’ve gathered some of our favorite NHL Hockey players to give us their thoughts on the new Hockey Shot Product Line Up.

If you don’t know John Tavares you may be living under a rock. After being selected first overall by the New York Islanders in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, Tavares went on to become Captain of the New York Islanders and has arguably become one of the top ice hockey players in the NHL. Recently he signed a 7-year, $77 million deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs, his hometown team.


Image Source

John plays center so he knows a thing or two about needing to train all aspects of your game to stay on top. John especially loves the Hockey Shot Passer Pro.

“I’m always looking for an edge to my game. HockeyShot products, like the Passer Pro, are great to help keep my puck handling & shooting sharp during the summer. All of their products help me to prepare better for the next season.”
— When asked, John told us

Next up we have one of the darlings of Finnish hockey, Aleksander Barkov. The son of a former Russian national team member, Barkov was chosen as the 2nd overall pick in 2013 by the Florida Panthers. He is an offensive threat and an absolute inspiration for any youngsters looking to get excited about playing ice hockey.


Image Source

One of the reasons Barkov plays with such high confidence is he knows the power of at home training. HockeyShot has been right alongside Barkov, helping him develop his skills and get him ready for the NHL level.

“I have always been a big fan of shooting pucks during the summer. HockeyShot products took it to another level. Now, I’m not only shooting pucks… I can dribble, pass, sauce and practice one timers. Allstar tiles are amazingly slick and you just can’t get any closer to real ice feeling.  Overall, the products are a lot of fun and help preparing me for on-ice situations.”
— As Aleksander said himself

Fun and training? Sounds like a win-win to us!

Continuing the pedigree, we have Jordan Staal. A native of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Jordan grew up playing hockey with his three brothers on the outdoor rink built by their father. All 4 boys later grew up to become massive ice hockey threats, with all of them making their NHL debut between 2003-2013.

Jordan was selected at No. 2 in the NHL Draft by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2006 and took home the biggest prize of all in 2009 after winning the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins. After 6 years with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Jordan signed a 10-year, $60 million contract with the Carolina Hurricanes in 2012, later being named co-captain alongside Justin Faulk. Jordan Staal continues to be an incredible threat and legacy both on and off the ice.


Image Source

One of the only ways you can make it as far as the Staal brothers is with the help of proper training aids. Even if you have a backyard rink, there is no comparison to having the right gear. One of Jordan’s favorite Hockey Shot Products is the Passer Pro. As he said, “The HS Passer Pro is a fantastic training aid! I was impressed at the high quality and strong puck rebound, it allows me to work on my passes and fire one-timers at home during the off-season. Their training aids are now an essential part of my off-ice training. Join the HS revolution, I did!”

It takes passion, hard work and most importantly training, to achieve your goals of playing in the NHL. The Hockey Shot Product Line Up can get you there, so pick up your gear today and start playing for your game of a lifetime!

karina penner headshot

This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

HockeyShot Synthetic Ice – Revolution Tiles Review

Today stickhandling specialist Pavel Barber is putting the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles to the test. Think you can’t skate and do all the edge work you need to up your game on synthetic ice? Think again.

Starting off with some skating drills using the HockeyShot Speed Dekes , everyone is quick to see just how similar skating on these tiles are to ice. You can trust your edges just like you would on real ice and do all the same hockey training drills. As opposed to rollerblade training, the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles allows you to do real edge work drills like you would on the ice.

What an incredible feeling it is to be able to train in your t-shirt and shorts! The HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles have a huge benefit to your off ice training time, helping you develop tough skills. With a synthetic ice surface in home, training has never been easier and allows you to nail down the little details by mastering tough skills much faster.

“These are such fun drills to do, kids when they are training on off ice surfaces like this, they’re just having fun, they don’t realize they are training, the hours add up, and they are always really focused cause they are enjoying themselves. That’s why I love the Synthetic Ice Tiles” (13:06)

Pavel explains the incredible feeling he gets from skating on the Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles and runs through lots of different drills you can perfect using your at home training area. If you are looking to practice team drills, the HockeyShot Extreme Defender is your go to practice companion. Never fear, solo trainers can make great use of the HockeyShot Passer Pro.

One of the things that sets the HockeyShot Revolution Synthetic Ice Tiles apart is our interlocking puzzle piece system that allows you to attach the boards however you like – there is no wrong way! The tiles are also made with a honeycomb design which makes them super lightweight for easy transport as well as ultra-durable.

Another way HockeyShot is changing the game is with our newly created Puck Stopper Edging, which is a game changer in the synthetic ice world. This edging makes it seamless to stickhandle off and on the tiles. Pavel loves these because you aren’t wasting any time getting pucks and can help you have a more positive relationship with training.

Practicing on your own is the only sure-fire way to up your game. It is important to have quality training time both on and off the ice to master your skills and excel at the fastest rate possible. You can turn yourself into a dangerous scoring threat by logging quality hours on your Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles, so pick some up today.

HockeyShot Dryland Tiles Review – New Vs Old

HockeyShot’s Bench Boss Jeremy Rupke is putting the new HockeyShot Dryland Flooring Tiles Allstar Edition to the test. Coach Jeremy has been using the old HockeyShot Dryland Flooring Tiles for a while now, so we thought we’d give him the all new set to see how well they stacked up to his used ones. Coach Jeremy tests our Allstar Tiles on their ease of assembly, durability and glide.

The biggest difference that Coach Jeremy loved about the new tiles was their puzzle piece design, created specifically for easy assembly. Say goodbye to loops and hooks because these new tiles are a breeze to put together and can be arranged in any pattern. Coach Jeremy recommends a few different patterns in the video to help maximize your space for how you train.

Coach Jeremy tests the new Dryland Flooring Tiles Allstar Edition durability by a good old-fashioned slash down. Watch him attack our Dryland Flooring Allstar Tiles with the ‘Crosby Finger Chopper’ (warning, do not try this at home!) and see how well both the new and old HockeyShot Dryland Flooring Tiles Allstar Edition hold up. Our super strong plastic does not give in to any cracks or breaks. Hockey Shot has even added a matte finish, instead of the industry glossy finish, for prolonged glide and durability.

In addition to the Dryland Flooring Allstar Tiles, Coach Jeremy suggests Extreme Passers or a Slide Board Pro to help you take your at home training to the next level. If you are looking for an amazing way to train at home, then you have come to the right place. Coach Jeremy puts the pressure on the Hockey Shot Dryland Flooring Tiles Allstar Edition and they hold up great.


To make sure you have the product that is just right for you, the HockeyShot Dryland Flooring Tiles Allstar Edition are made with thick, durable plastic, have interlocking puzzle piece connections with teeth for added stability, and a smooth surface for easy gliding. These tiles are the easiest way to strap on skates at home and help you improve your technical hockey skills.

Must Have Hockey Training Gear of 2017

For hockey enthusiasts like us, it could be 38°C (100°F for our American friends) with the humidity in July, or -38°C (-36°F) in February; we’re always looking for opportunities to pass and shoot the puck! You can’t always gather enough friends for a game of 3 on 3, and sometimes your kid sister is the most talented kid in the neighborhood to strap on the goalie pads. If you’ve got the right gear, then it’s game on, right?

… Unless you’re playing road hockey, and a CAR comes. First, you let it pass. Then it’s game on again!

The HockeyShot team, with help from our loyal customers and friends voted for our top products for 2017. Take a read through our list – these products are proven effective for rookies and pros alike.

HS Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles

Just because the hockey season is over, and the pond thawed a couple of months ago doesn’t mean you can’t strap on your skates and play shinny with your buddies. Our Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are lightweight, snap together fast, and don’t need any lubrication – you can skate on them right out of the box. If you lay Revolution Tiles out in your garage for rainy days, you can park your car right on them. Don’t risk leaving your 1971 Mustang Sports-roof (A.K.A. Eleanor) outside at night – somebody might take it for a 60-second joy ride!

You don’t need to set up boards for a friendly game – you can keep the puck in play with our Puck Stopper Edging. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, you can practice power skating, stopping, take shots on net and feel like you’re skating on a smooth sheet of ice. Want more details on Synthetic Revolution Ice Tiles? Jump on this link for a demonstration video, dimensions, and answers to some of the questions our customers asked before they bought their set of tiles.

hockey skatable tiles

Both the tiles and edging are available with quantity discounts, so the bigger your synthetic ice surface, the more you save. The tiles are 18” x 18” in terms of coverage area, and about a half an inch thick, for a durable surface to practice.

HS Dryland Flooring Tiles – Allstar Edition

We’ve been selling Dryland Flooring tiles for quite a while now, and we’ve sold a lot of them. Since they’re so popular, we’ve raised the quality bar even higher with the Allstar Edition. You don’t have to be an elite hockey player or skater to use them, but it will help you down the road to being one. You won’t lose the use of your basement if you install these tiles on the floor because they are resistant to stick handling and textured for resilience. Also makes for a great rec-room surface.

hockey training surface

Whether you set up your tiles in your garage, basement, or the gym at school – these Allstar Edition Flooring Tiles are good for inside, outside and are weather-resistant. They assemble fast so you can spend less time building your practice surface, and more time training to be an all-star when you can’t get to the arena. You don’t need to smear liquids or goops on these tiles, they are ready for use once fastened together, with or without the Puck Stopper Edging.

Here’s a link to find out more about these Allstar Dryland Flooring tiles

HS Extreme Hockey Radar

Do you ever get tired of neighborhood kids walking by when you’re taking shots on net in your driveway? You know the type, they say “Gosh, Mister, how fast was that shot? You must have been in the NHL, or something. I’ve never seen anyone shoot that hard!” Whether you are tired of that, or maybe you wish they would start saying that, the Extreme Hockey Radar is a great way to showcase your shooting prowess.

You could be sniping shots alone, or maybe you’re a coach training your team to score more goals. Either way, the bright LED display and announcement features make it easy to discover your shot speed, and the speed recall feature lets you compare up to ten shots to track or compare your progress vs other players.

multi sports radar

Want to see how the Extreme Hockey Radar device works, with its sturdy tripod and bold digital display? Here’s a link, but you’ll have to check your internet speed somewhere else, our radar’s for hockey pucks and lacrosse balls.

HS Slide Board Pro

To build up your leg muscles, enhance your balance and endurance, and improve your skating skills, you can’t go wrong with the Slide Board Pro. It’s fun to use, adjustable to different lengths, and comes with a cool set of booties for extra slide-y goodness. You read that right – bootie, bootie, booties!

The Slide Board Pro iis a great way to practice your stride in your hotel before a game, in the lobby before a game, and in front of the fridge after a game. There are many workouts you can source from our friend Jeremy Rupke at How to Hockey, so you can increase your leg strength, balance, agility and even muscles in your core and arms. Get the deets on the Slide Board Pro, and its big brothers the G1 Extreme Slide Board and G1 Goaltender Edition Slide Board.

hockey slide board

If you want to improve your skating technique and power, we have Slide Boards in all sorts of shape and sizes. You can add passing kits and other accessories too for a more comprehensive workout.

DIY & Mini Sauce Combos

If you want to work on your shot targeting, hacking away at a regulation sized net with a standard puck or a biscuit is pretty limiting. If you dragged a regular net to your local park, you’ll have lots of fun, but who wants to drag a big net home when your arms are rubbery from sniping shots for hours?

Or if you’re playing on your driveway on asphalt, your stick will be a tape shredded, wood-splintered mess in no time. Our DIY Sauce Combo and Mini Sauce Combo sets include a shooting pad to protect your stick, the Sauce Catcher to catch your pucks, a lightweight biscuit and a set of HockeyShot standard pucks. At poolside? Rock the Mini Sauce Combo and shoot biscuits into the Sauce Catcher. Try that with your regulation net, and you’ll have to play scuba hockey. At the campground, beach or the cottage? Bring your Sauce Kit for hours of fun. Think you’d do that with your traditional net? Not likely.

hockey sauce kit

Improve your sharpshooting skills with the Puck Catcher and play games like Hockey Golf, H-O-R-S-E or just impress your friends with your speed and accuracy. Got a family barbecue coming up? Everyone will want you to bring the DIY Sauce Combo, and you’ll get out of doing dishes!

Do you agree that these products are the best hockey training gear for your needs? If you’ve found something else which has raised your on-ice or off-ice training routine, let us know. We love hockey as much as you do, and we want to continue to bring you the equipment and advice which helps you meet your playing performance goals. We will see you on social media!

Fun Hockey Game – DIY Sauce Combo

Hockey Game with a Performance Trainer

The Performance Trainer tests out one of HockeyShot’s newest products; the DIY Sauce Combo. This saucy training aid provides two options. First, it can come in a single unit, which includes: (1) Sauce Catcher, (1) HS Junior Shooting Pad and (3) HS Pucks. The second option is a double unit, which provides double the fun. Basically, it comes how it sounds (2) Sauce Catcher, (2) HS Junior Shooting Pads and (6) HS Pucks.

The DIY Sauce Combo is a high quality product that can played absolutely anywhere. The DIY Sauce Combo can be played and enjoyed by hockey players of all ages and skill levels. As seen in the video, both of The Performance Trainer’s kids demonstrate their skills by executing the perfect sauce pass into a moving Puck Catcher Pro. Using an escalade as a prop is just one extreme example of how creative you can be with HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo. Be the most popular person at that next backyard BBQ and show off the skills you have perfected by using this fun and innovative training aid. HockeyShot’s finished product of the DIY Sauce Combo will be as visually stunning as the quality of the sauce kit itself. The HS Shooting pad will be finished with graphics that will replicate that of an actual hockey rink surface. Furthermore, you will be able to secure the Puck Catcher Pro to the actual HS Shooting Pad with pegs that will insert
into the pad itself. There is even talks of a smaller Shooting Pad than the Junior which will provide the minimal space needed to launch a saucer pass across the yard! HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo is just one of the many training products that will step-up your game. Visit to learn more and pick up the DIY Sauce Combo today!

HockeyShot DIY Sauce Combo in the Mountains

In the Mountains With Jeremy Weiss

Jeremy Weiss of Weiss Tech Hockey takes his skills to the Mountains and beyond to test out HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo. This saucer pass training aid is a fun, innovative product that allows all hockey players to practice and perfect their saucing skills. The DIY Sauce Combo provides two options. First, it can come in a single unit, which includes: (1) Sauce Catcher, (1) HS Junior Shooting Pad and (3) HS Pucks. The second option is a double unit, which provides double the fun. Basically, it comes how it sounds (2) Sauce Catcher, (2) HS Junior Shooting Pads and (6) HS Pucks.

As seen in the video, Jeremy is using HockeyShot’s prototype of the DIY Sauce Combo. However, HockeyShot’s finished product (set to launch by 2016 holidays) will come with graphics on the Shooting Pad that will replicate that of an actual hockey rink surface. Jeremy shows that HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo can be played and enjoyed absolutely anywhere. Going for a trip up to the mountains? Or to soak up the sun on a beach day with friends and family? Add to the fun by bringing HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo. The sauce kit itself is very portable and can be played anywhere. Challenge yourself or friends to a saucing contest. Sauce over/ under objects or even attempt to sauce over a river like Jeremy Weiss himself. Pick up HockeyShot’s DIY Sauce Combo at and don’t forget to check out other fun and innovative training aids to improve your game!