Jack Hughes’ Training Earns Him #1 Selection in 2019 NHL Draft

Chances are you have already heard of Jack Hughes. Younger brother to Quinn Hughes, chosen No. 7 by the Vancouver Canucks in the 2018 NHL Draft, and older brother to Luke, a prospect for the first-round selection in the 2021 NHL Draft.

Like HockeyShot, this family legacy has come through lots of hard work and humble beginnings, from shooting puck holes in the drywall as kids to training on their very own HockeyShot Home Training Center, we’re proud to have Jack and Quinn Hughes as HS ambassadors.

Jack Hughes is No. 1 in NHL Central Scouting’s final ranking of North American skaters and expected by many to be selected No. 1 by the New Jersey Devils at the 2019 NHL Draft on June 21 in Vancouver. A left-handed center, Jack is likely to be the first NTDP player to go directly from the draft to playing in the NHL.

The kid just turned 18 years old on May 14, 2019

His stature and agility on the ice have drawn comparisons to Patrick Kane, while his skating resembles the style of Connor McDavid. Whoever he reminds you of, there is no question that Jack Hughes is going places, and HockeyShot is right beside him to help him continue to dominate!

Growing up in the Hughes household all the brothers played hockey, in fact, Jack was on the ice from the time he was 1 ½ year old. While the brothers may have learned theirsignature cuts, turns and slices from their parents Jim and Ellen, both high-level hockey players themselves, they have also been training hard with Dan Ninkovich (nickname: Deej) at Beyond The Next Level (BTNL) to perfect those skills and raise them up to the NHL level. A training center in Oakville, Ontario with alumni ranging from Connor McDavid to Phil Kessel, BTNL and HockeyShot are proud to support some of the top NHL prospects such as Jack and help them train to win.

Throughout his training at BTNL, Jack has perfected his innate ability to process new information on the ice, and keep his feet moving to continually adapt to the play. He has the capacity to change his mind at a moment’s notice without sacrificing speed or ability, knows how to make full use of the blade and can scan the ice mentally without slowing down physically. These are all fully teachable skills, and thanks to Deej, the whole BTNL team and his dedicated family and coaches, Jack Hughes is a shining example of where hard work will get you.

When you train the right way, you can ensure the game is tailor-made to fit your skills. Jack Hughes and Deej have worked to create an intricate training system that you can recreate at home using only the best training equipment, they love dryland training toolssuch as the HS Slideboard Pro, stickhandling drills using the HS Speed Dekes and shooting practice with the Extreme Shooter Tutor and Indestructible Goal.

When asked about the growth that he has seen in Jack Hughes, NDTP coach John Wroblewski said

“From two years ago when I first met him through last spring until now, it’s is a completely transformed individual, just look at the way he can generate scoring chances, and how the ice is tilted while he’s out there. Jack will find a way to impress onpeople in the NHL next season with his game.”

Clearly, the folks over at BTNL know what they are doing, and with the use of HockeyShot Training Products Jack Hughes star is only going to continue to rise. We can’t wait to see what happens next!


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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

How to Clean Hockey Equipment

Have you ever gone to get your hockey gear out for the season and realized you left your old smelly gear in there all summer? Have no fear because Hockey Shot’s Bench Boss Jeremy Rupke has made that mistake too. He is here to literally air his dirty laundry and show you how to get rid of mold, rust on your skates and prevent moisture with his How to Clean Hockey Equipment video.

The number one tip for keeping your hockey equipment clean is to store it dry. Make sure you are leaving it in a dry place and that everything inside the bag is dry before you zip it up. If you are worried about extra moisture, the main culprit in mold growing on your gear, throw some old newspapers inside the lining of the bag and inside your skates to help absorb any extra moisture your gear may encounter.

If you have already made the mistake of leaving your moist gear to sit for far too long, do not fear, with some simple steps you can get your gear looking as good as new. First make sure to pre-treat anything that has mold. Coach Jeremy uses Resolve Oxi-Action which is safe to use on your gear, unlike bleach which can deteriorate parts of the padding. Don’t worry about putting your equipment in the washing machine, hockey gear was designed to take a beating, it can survive the laundry! Once everything is squeaky clean make sure to hang everything to dry with a fan on it, the heat from the dryer can hurt a lot of hockey gear, so make sure it doesn’t end up in there.

Coach Jeremy also shares tips on ways to treat the things you can’t wash, like your helmet and your skates. Make sure to protect your Hockey Shot Products with a proper anti-bacterial wash, it’s important for you and your teammates health, plus, your gear will thank you!