Jack Hughes’ Training Earns Him #1 Selection in 2019 NHL Draft

Chances are you have already heard of Jack Hughes. Younger brother to Quinn Hughes, chosen No. 7 by the Vancouver Canucks in the 2018 NHL Draft, and older brother to Luke, a prospect for the first-round selection in the 2021 NHL Draft.

Like HockeyShot, this family legacy has come through lots of hard work and humble beginnings, from shooting puck holes in the drywall as kids to training on their very own HockeyShot Home Training Center, we’re proud to have Jack and Quinn Hughes as HS ambassadors.

Jack Hughes is No. 1 in NHL Central Scouting’s final ranking of North American skaters and expected by many to be selected No. 1 by the New Jersey Devils at the 2019 NHL Draft on June 21 in Vancouver. A left-handed center, Jack is likely to be the first NTDP player to go directly from the draft to playing in the NHL.

The kid just turned 18 years old on May 14, 2019

His stature and agility on the ice have drawn comparisons to Patrick Kane, while his skating resembles the style of Connor McDavid. Whoever he reminds you of, there is no question that Jack Hughes is going places, and HockeyShot is right beside him to help him continue to dominate!

Growing up in the Hughes household all the brothers played hockey, in fact, Jack was on the ice from the time he was 1 ½ year old. While the brothers may have learned theirsignature cuts, turns and slices from their parents Jim and Ellen, both high-level hockey players themselves, they have also been training hard with Dan Ninkovich (nickname: Deej) at Beyond The Next Level (BTNL) to perfect those skills and raise them up to the NHL level. A training center in Oakville, Ontario with alumni ranging from Connor McDavid to Phil Kessel, BTNL and HockeyShot are proud to support some of the top NHL prospects such as Jack and help them train to win.

Throughout his training at BTNL, Jack has perfected his innate ability to process new information on the ice, and keep his feet moving to continually adapt to the play. He has the capacity to change his mind at a moment’s notice without sacrificing speed or ability, knows how to make full use of the blade and can scan the ice mentally without slowing down physically. These are all fully teachable skills, and thanks to Deej, the whole BTNL team and his dedicated family and coaches, Jack Hughes is a shining example of where hard work will get you.

When you train the right way, you can ensure the game is tailor-made to fit your skills. Jack Hughes and Deej have worked to create an intricate training system that you can recreate at home using only the best training equipment, they love dryland training toolssuch as the HS Slideboard Pro, stickhandling drills using the HS Speed Dekes and shooting practice with the Extreme Shooter Tutor and Indestructible Goal.

When asked about the growth that he has seen in Jack Hughes, NDTP coach John Wroblewski said

“From two years ago when I first met him through last spring until now, it’s is a completely transformed individual, just look at the way he can generate scoring chances, and how the ice is tilted while he’s out there. Jack will find a way to impress onpeople in the NHL next season with his game.”

Clearly, the folks over at BTNL know what they are doing, and with the use of HockeyShot Training Products Jack Hughes star is only going to continue to rise. We can’t wait to see what happens next!


karina penner headshot

This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

Own the Moment on the Ice

Be in the Moment and Own It to Help Your Hockey Performance

By Mental & Emotional Coach, John Haime

As we move forward in the 2019 season and playoffs are on the horizon, we start looking forward to great and memorable playoff performances.

Will I rise up and perform to my potential?

Will it be just the same old thing with similar results?

The sport of hockey is literally defined by moments. It all comes down to one moment on the ice for you to make an impact on the game.

With this reality, I might suggest that if you “own the moment” in the coming playoff season – a little more than you did in the regular season, you can create a performance reality that exceeds your expectations – and bring a different level of joy to your time in the game.

Here’s how …

Play in the Moment


There are three potential places your mind could be when you are on the ice. The past, the present or the future. Of these three places, there is only one place where you can absolutely control performance – that is the current moment. And this is exactly where noted psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, in his best-selling book “Flow” made his mark as a researcher. His research demonstrates that people are happiest and most productive when in a state of flow – when they are totally absorbed in the task at hand, and the challenge of the situation is equal to (or just above) their skill level. This is where you must strive to be when playing the game. The past and future are distractions to performance in the here and now. The past has happened, so dwelling on it is not productive. The future has not happened, so being fearful about what might happen is not productive. In this playoff season, adopt a practice that focuses you in the moment (a simple mindfulness practice is a good start) to help you own the moment on the ice. At every opportunity, pull yourself back into the moment you are playing in.

Fall in love with the process and results will follow


To help you further with “playing in the moment”, a focus on your playing process can be a key for you. The key to every plan is not necessarily the ultimate goal or target – but the small steps
needed to take you there. These small steps, often focused on a technique or strategy that you have worked on and tested in practice this year, keep your mind on your execution on the and not on outcomes like winning – that you have no control over. In order for you to “own the moment” and stay in the moment, put all of your attention on what’s important to play your best in the moment – great positional play, an aggressive, proactive approach, your best effort on each shift or whatever “your” focuses in practice might be. Fall in love with your process and let the outcomes fall where they may.

This is my time – no one else’s


It all comes down to you. You are the one who can make a difference in the game – or help teammates to make a difference. You accept feedback and instructions from coaches, but ultimately decide how you will
use it. You are responsible for your own enjoyment in the game of hockey and determine who impacts that joy. Will you allow the many distractions in the game to dampen the reasons you play in the first place – because you love it. Owning the moment is about taking responsibility for your playing experience and your performances. Each moment on the ice, whether practicing or playing, is yours – no one else. In this year’s playoffs, make a commitment that you are in control and solely responsible for your performance – there will be no excuses or blame.

These are three simple keys to help you own your play in the upcoming playoff season. The opportunity exists for you to create your reality and embrace the beauty of it in the coming playoff season. Each “moment” for you on the ice is an opportunity to shine and express your potential, so embrace each opportunity and own it!

Wishing you some great moments on the ice in the playoff season.

Hockey Dad Takes Kids for a Skate of a Lifetime

If you’re still not sold on the new HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles, have a look at this review video from HockeyShot’s Hockey Dad, Jeremy Weiss. In the video he tests out the Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles in a ‘small, medium and large’ format, and addresses some questions that you at home might have before purchasing.

The Hockey Shot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are a fantastic product that are skate-able, affordable and lightweight. They are also flexible enough to be forgiving on uneven surfaces, as well as being weather resistant, UV protected and self-lubricating. They are easy to assemble and disassemble while requiring no extra tools.

In the video Jeremy gives us a birds eye view of what a setup with 60 tiles, 120 tiles and 260 tiles looks like, so you can get a better idea for how much you can do with different sets of tiles. He also gives us a few training drills with his favorite 8-10 year old players to demonstrate how much fun kids can have with their favorite HockeyShot Products.

In the first drill, Jeremy utilizes the HS Extreme Shooter Tutor, HS Passer Pro and HS Goal & 2D Backstop Combo to showcase a 60 tile synthetic ice set up with 2 players. Doubling the size to 120, Jeremy adds 3 more players on the ice, for a total of 5, and adds the HS Extreme Danglers to the mix for his synthetic ice training drills. Next we see the piece de resistance, a full 260 tile setup equipped full with HockeyShot Training Products including the HS Extreme Defender.

One of the best parts about the HS Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles review video is you can really see how much fun the kids are having while training. While these tiles are great for players of any age or skill level, kids really enjoy the sensation of skating on synthetic ice while maximizing the amount of training area they have.

As an added bonus, Jeremy also gives us his notes on which part of the Synthetic Ice benefits from each type of siding. If you are confused as to whether the Puck Stopper Edging or the Smooth Edging is right for you, this will be very helpful in figuring out which synthetic ice hockey training setup will be a perfect fit in your home.

The HS Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are fun and easy to use while being a great at home training aid, for a fantastic price. You too can be practicing your hockey skills on a tennis court in the summer heat with the HS Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles, so pick some up and get started on perfecting your skills today.

HockeyShot’s NHL Customer Base Keeps Growing

Getting serious about taking your ice hockey skills to the next level means committing to training even when you aren’t on the ice. Don’t believe us? Just ask pro hockey players Jake Allen, Mike & Ryan McLeod and Alexei Yashin. They know first-hand that your top favorite NHL players train all year round to make sure their game stays sharp, and with the help of the new Hockey Shot Product Line Up that has never been easier.

Hockey Shot prides ourselves on knowing that our products will deliver to you the closest feeling to on ice training at home that you can get. As Jake Allen, Goalie for the St. Louis Blues, told us “The Hockey Shot products really made my off season training adaptable to my on ice/in season performance. The consistency of the Slide Board Pro made me feel similar to what I do on the ice and to keep my condition at peak levels. Great tool to keep your body sharp and ready for the season.”

When playing the game your team mates become your brothers, so to have your actual brother on the ice with you is a pretty surreal experience. That is brothers Mike & Ryan McLeod’s reality. Playing together in the 2016-2017 OHL League for the Mississauga Steelheads, they both finished first and second in assists on the team. Mike was then chosen by the New Jersey Devils with the number 12 pick in the 2016 NHL Draft. Ryan isn’t far behind his big brother, being drafted by the Edmonton Oilers in the second round of the 2018 NHL Draft.

Hockey Shot is proud to have been a part of the McLeod brother’s hockey training journey from the start. As they told us,

“We were introduced to HockeyShot long before being drafted to the NHL. This company gets it and we only wish they had been around when we were younger kids looking for quality hockey products and free training content all-year-round. Any players wanting to build their skills and have fun while doing it should shop at HockeyShot.com.”

Having trouble deciding which Hockey Shot Products are right for you? Mike and Ryan McLeod love the Hockey Shot Dryland Flooring Tiles All Star Edition. They are the ultimate in functional hockey training products because of their versatility. Like the Mcleod brothers put it,

“Being able to customize our own setup with HS All Star Tiles is a huge advantage! This surface is really durable and allows us to train on sneakers the way we want too, whenever we want too. They’re easy to pick-up and move around and can be snapped back together in seconds. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about the space where we practice anymore!”

We love that the McLeod brothers utilize exactly what the Hockey Shot Products are all about.

One of the biggest parts of being a team leader is having confidence in yourself. Alexei Yashin, former ice hockey center who played twelve seasons in the NHL as captain of both the Ottawa Senators and the New York Islanders. Hockey Shot Products like the Extreme Passer Clamp-On and the Roll Up Shooting Pad helped Alexei maximize his skills. As Alexei said, “it’s the ultimate tool to work on your precision passing. Because it acts as if there is a teammate practicing with you, you can train independently! I am impressed by the puck return velocity.”

Hockey Shot delivers the ultimate in hockey training aids that help you improve your ice hockey skills and become an unstoppable threat on the ice. As Alexei Yashin knows,

“HockeyShot products allow me to design workout the way I want to. With a variety of different training aids, I can maximize my skills and help get the most out of others during their training!”

Get your Hockey Shot Products today and see what all the pros are talking about.

karina penner headshot

This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

Team Canada Women, Gold Standard Training

Girls who play hockey rock, and HockeyShot is thrilled to have ties with some awesome female hockey players from Team Canada. First up to tell us why she loves Hockey Shot is Caroline Ouellette. Caroline has been a pillar of Canada’s national hockey team since 1999, winning Olympic gold in Salt Lake City in 2002, Torino in 2006, Vancouver in 2010 and Sochi in 2014.

Caroline Ouellette is also a source of inspiration through her hockey camps, which utilize the great diversity of Hockey Shot Products. As Caroline told us,

“I currently run female hockey camps in Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and PEI. Hockey Shot has allowed us to create a fun environment in which young female players are learning and improving by doing high repetitions of a particular skill.  Whether we are working on skating, shooting, passing, stickhandling, dekes or deceptive moves, Hockey Shot’s products are remarkable. The HS Extreme Dangler , Attack Triangle Pro, Passer Pro, and Extreme Shooter Tutor challenge players at every level.”

We love that Caroline uses so many different Hockey Shot Products in her camps to help elevate specific hockey skills in every athlete.

Marie-Philip Poulin also knows the importance of improving your hockey skills through repetition and at home training. A member of the Canada Olympic Female Hockey Teams at age 18 that won the gold medal at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver she went on to win gold again at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, as well as scoring three goals for Canada to take home a Silver Medal in PyeongChang 2018. She has been referred to as the Sidney Crosby of women’s hockey for her high level of achievement at a young age, and Hockey Shot is proud to be part of her training.

When asked about how Hockey Shot Products were a part of Marie-Philip’s training process she answered,

“HS Training Aids are a big part of my off-ice season practice. To be an elite Olympian, I need to stay sharp, products like the HS Tiles, Passer Pro, Dangler and Slide Board Pro allow me to maximize my performance and be ready for the big games. HS Products are helping me improve my game every day.”

Players who use their Hockey Shot Products every day are the reason we do what we do! Take it from a 2x Olympic Gold Medalist and Team Canada Captain, at home training with Hockey Shot Products is a sure-fire way to improve your game on the ice.

Another great thing about Hockey Shot Products is their versatility in developing specific skills while being used in multiple different ice hockey training drills. Jenn Wakefield, a member of Team Canada who participated in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver as well as playing on the gold-medal winning team at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and the silver-medal winning team at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

Jenn is a relative newcomer to Hockey Shot Products but has already fallen in love with the quality and durability Hockey Shot Products provide. As she told us about her first encounter with our Product Line Up,

“This summer I was introduced to a variety of HockeyShot products on and off the ice and loved them all. I found they helped me improve my stick handling, shooting and passing. It was great having the option to train off ice in my driveway and all the products were easily transportable to the rink for on ice sessions.”

Another hockey pro who recently got a taste of all that Hockey Shot has to offer is Natalie Spooner, former player for the Canadian National women’s ice hockey team and current member of the Toronto Furies of the Canada Women’s Hockey League. After testing out Hockey Shot Products at the High-Performance Hockey Academy Natalie bragged,

“HockeyShot completely delivered this weekend at my High-Performance Hockey Academy! They generously donated on-ice training aids and giveaway items such as bracelets, stickers and unique promo codes to all participants. The kids loved using the products and wearing their new HockeyShot swag. We could not be happier :)”

Hockey Shot is committed to helping athletes of all performance levels continue to improve their hockey skills with at home training, so grab your gear today and get training!  

karina penner headshot

This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

Hockey Experts Choose HockeyShot

It is important to stay consistent and motivated all year so that your hockey skills never fall short. Hockey Shot Products can help develop and maintain your skills in a range of ways. Need help deciding which product is right for you? Let’s hear from some renowned hockey coaches and experts to hear which Hockey Shot Product is their go to training aid.

Pavel Barber, stickhandling specialist and creator of ‘World’s Best Amateur Hockey Videos’ on YouTube which has more than 150,000 subscribers, has partnered with Hockey Shot to help bring Hockey Shot Training Aids to his subscribers. When asked about Hockey Shot, Pavel responded by saying,

“Working with Hockey Shot has been great. I am always very cautious when I align myself with a certain brand. I see them as a progressive brand who care about the advancement of the game. They have been very open minded with me which is extremely important as an “ideas guy”. I need to have an environment like that to get good ideas going to help out the best I can, and they definitely provide that. I am beyond excited in partnering with them and can’t wait to see what we can do for the game of hockey in the future.”

We feel the same way about Pavel and are thrilled to help him step up his training game as well as his audiences.


One of Hockey Shot’s top selling products, the Dangle Puck, is one of Pavel’s favourites because it provides a realistic training experience that allows you to practice your skills to be able to dangle around any player. As he told us,

“The Dangle Puck blew me away! I am constantly in desperate search for off-ice pucks that perform and slide like they do on ice or dryland surfaces… No other puck came close to being able to slide like this one. It’s like a puck sliding on a clean sheet of ice! Total game changer as it forces me to react faster and allows me to transfer from off-ice to on-ice easier.”

Second round pick for the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2007, Stefan Legein knows a thing or two about at home training, so we asked him what Hockey Shot Products help him keep his game in peak condition. When asked about the importance of off-ice training Stefan said,

“Off ice training means exercising daily and HockeyShot products make sure to always keep me and my clients in great shape. They provide the best products to get the most out of my training regimen. I personally like the SKLZ dryland items.”

We are thrilled to hear Hockey Shot is a big part of Stefan’s training regime, but what products help him keep up not only his endurance but also technical skills like stickhandling? Hockey Shot Products help Stefan keep all aspects of his game sharp as he tells us,

“My student’s stickhandling has never been quicker! The HockeyShot stickhandling products make practicing very easy. I like to use the Stickhandling Balls with Extreme Danglers to improve hand speed on or off the ice.”

And what about when it comes to training alone? The Hockey Shot Clamp On Passer is here to keep you motivated just like Stefan, “Thanks to HockeyShot, passing & shooting has never been easier! The Clamp On Passer rebounds the puck right back to you as if you had a friend there and the Shooter Tutor gives you real target holes to aim at just like a goalie.” We’re glad that Stefan loves the versatility of Hockey Shot Products as much as we do.

To cap it off we have Hockey Shot’s official Bench Boss Jeremy Rupke. We have partnered with Jeremy and his website howtohockey.com to help bring premium hockey training aids and drills to your home. We here at Hockey Shot very much admire Jeremy and we think it’s safe to say he feels the same way after he said,

“HockeyShot truly is the leader for innovative ice hockey training products. They continue to push the envelope, achieving success in creating off & on ice tools that any hockey player (young or old) would be happy to own. If you want to improve your game, HockeyShot is the only way to go!”


Thanks for all the kind words from our friends and partners. Hockey Shot is thrilled to have relationships with so many great hockey coaches and experts out there. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality hockey products and at home hockey training aids, so what are you waiting for? Join the Hockey Shot Revolution today.

karina penner headshot

This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

Qualified Skating Coach Puts Synthetic Ice to the Test!

HockeyShot’s Skating Sensei, Jim Vitale, welcomed us into his basement hockey training area to tell us why he chose HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels for his training needs. Jim did some research when looking into a few different synthetic ice surfaces on the market, and he told us there was “no doubt in my mind that HockeyShot had the best product on the market.” We agree with Jim, and after trying out the new HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels we are sure you will too.

HockeyShot is so sure that our products are superior that we give you 7-10 years of warranty per side on the Synthetic Ice Panels. That means that you can have at least 14-20 years of at home training and play time with these Panels with proper care. That is sure to take a load off your mind in terms of durability, longevity and bang for your buck.

Another reason the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels are a step above the rest is the self-lubricating polymer.This means that you aren’t spending a lot of time or effort in trying to push and get that natural feel, it comes without any work at all and no need for any waxes or add-on liquids.

The HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels are also super easy to install. They come in 4×8 sheets which are lightweight enough for most people to carry on their own. Our Interlocking Dovetail panels significantly outperform traditional spline and square-edge styles and require no extra tools or equipment. Jim even takes his customization one step further by sawing one tile in half to fill in the extra corners and nooks of his at home basement hockey training setup.

Another great way to maximize your at home hockey training setup is to add some shooting tarps and aids to help get you in the scoring zone. The Crowd Goes Wild Shooting Tarp is one of our favorites to help transform your basement into the stadium of your dreams.

Its every players dream to have an efficient and durable at home training area. With the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels this dream can be a reality. Perfect for any garage, basement or backyard, the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Panels are the absolute best way to help make sure your game stays in top shape. Have no doubts that HockeyShot Products are the best on the market with this video from Jim as well as our other testimonials from renowned coaches, players and trainers. When it comes to HockeyShot you are getting the highest quality product and best at home hockey training aids out there. What are you waiting for?

HockeyShot Staff Picks “Top 10” NHL Players (5 through 1). Part 2

We are counting down the Top 10 active NHL Players as ranked by our HockeyShot experts. The 2017-2018 NHL Season was the 101st season of operation (100th of play) and saw no shortage of excitement filled games and interesting trades. After welcoming the Las Vegas Knights as the newest expansion team, the Knights went on to face the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Capitals ultimately clinched their first cup, and the centennial year of hockey was concluded. Which stars shone the brightest in the 2017-2018 NHL Season? In our last article we highlighted players 10-6. Read our list below for our Top 5 Active NHL Players.

Another Russian born player who is making waves in the NHL is Evgeni Malkin, who was the 2nd pick in 2004 by the Pittsburgh Penguins, and comes in at number 5 on our Top 10 list. Malkin is arguably one of the top playmakers in the world and has won the Stanley Cup 3 times with the Penguins. He has won the Conn Smythe trophy, Hart Memorial Trophy and has twice taken home the Art Ross Trophy.


At number 4 we have Patrick Kane, who has also won 3 Stanley Cups, with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2010, 2013 and 2015. Kane has also represented the United States in the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics, and is an intimidating presence on the ice. In 2016, he became the first American born player to win the Art Ross Trophy and the Hart Memorial Trophy.


After winning his first Stanley Cup in the 2017-2018 NHL Season, Alexander Ovechkin is a household name. Often referred to as “the Great Eight” or “Ovi”, Ovechkin was selected by the Capitals first overall in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft, and can most recently be seen drinking champagne out of the Stanley Cup during the Capitals winning celebration in a Las Vegas nightclub. He has lead the NHL in goal scoring seven times, and was awarded the Conn Smythe for most valuable player in the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs.


It is rare for a newcomer to gain such celebrity power in only a few short seasons, but Connor McDavid has done it, which is why he gets spot number 2 on our Top 10 List. McDavid was drafted first overall by the Edmonton Oilers in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft and has lived up to his glowing reputation. He has already led the league in points twice and won the league MVP award. We can’t wait to see what more this 21 year old will accomplish in the upcoming NHL Season.


The number one spot on the Hockey Shot Top 10 Active NHL Players countdown is Sidney Crosby, one of the highest regarded hockey players of all time. It’s no surprise that ‘Sid the Kid’ gets spot Number 1, after being drafted first overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2005, Crosby is an international superstar and incredible hockey player. He has won the Stanley Cup three times, the Conn Smythe two times, the Art Ross two times and the Hart Memorial two times. An incredible resume and he is not done yet.


We hope you enjoyed the HockeyShot Top 10 Active NHL Player countdown, brought to you by the experts at HockeyShot. Who are your Top 10 favorite players? Let us know in the comments below!

Pavel Barber’s Top 10 Training Tips

  1. Listen: It may sound simple, but those who listen and pay attention to the small details will get better faster. When a coach is trying to help you, they can only do that if you’re listening to them. 
  2. Focus: Be 100% in the present moment. This is a very difficult mental practice, but it is one of the greatest skill advantages you can give yourself. If you’re on the ice for an hour, don’t allow your mind to wander off and think about homework or Fortnite or anything else. Be in the moment and get a full hour of training in. Not 45 minutes. Not 30 minutes. But 60 minutes of focussed practice. 
  3. 10barber-01

  4. Get out of your comfort zone:
    The only way to get better is to take our current abilities and push past them. It’s very easy to get caught staying in the comfort zone because it’s exactly that, comfortable! But comfort is the enemy when it comes to development. Identify your current level, and push just to the edge of what you can already do. We don’t want to go too fast because we need to be able to process the information in order to get feedback from our failures and successes.  
  5. 10barber-02

  6. Redefine failure: Failure is an awful word. In school, an F means we flunked, and we need to go to summer school. However, there is positive failure, and negative failure. Positive failure is failure that we can learn from and build on. Where we listen, work hard, and focus deeply, and make a mistake, identify the area we made the mistake, and address it. Then there is negative failure where we are either not listening or not focussed, and we make a mistake. The issue here is we don’t get much if any feedback if the focus and effort isn’t there.  A good way to look at positive failure to redefine it in a way that contributes to development is: I didn’t fail 9 times out of 10, I found 9 ways that didn’t work.  
  7. Use slow motion video capture: I can’t overstate how important slow motion video capture is. I would have killed to have this technology on my phone as a kid. Slow motion picks up on things that we often overlook when we look at video in real time. It is a great tool to offer awareness in areas where we are often moving very quickly. Especially in skills where we are working on a very small detail in a skill set we’re trying to attain. 
  8. 10barber-03

  9. Put in the work off the ice: These hours add up. And you don’t need much. Whether it’s a carpet floor and a golf ball, a backyard stickhandling zone, a driveway, and outdoor rink or a parking lot… you can get a lot done off the ice to supplement your on-ice skills. I didn’t have much money growing up, and the only way for me to get my hours of deep focussed practice in was to stickhandle at home, and stickhandle at an outdoor rink near my house. In your shoes is great, but adding rollerblades is a great way to take your skills and challenge them at speed and with edge work.  
  10. 10barber-04

  11. Read: There are so many books to compliment your development and help make you aware of all the competitive advantages you can use to gain skill faster. You’ll notice most of my advice above is about mental skill rather than physical. This is because the quality of the physical skill you perform will be influenced by the mindset you have going into that training session. A few great reads are: “The Talent Code”, “Mind Gym”, “The Power of Now”, “The Cellestine Prophecy” and “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari.”  
  12. Have fun: This point is painfully overlooked. When we’re training there is a lot of pressure. There’s a lot of expectations. When it comes down to it, we want to be the best we can be and do the best with what we have. In order to put in the ungodly amount of deep, focussed hours needed to be the best we can be, we have to fall in love with the game. Over and over. We need to have a positive relationship with training. It needs to be fun. We all love fun. When we have free time, we seek fun activities to do. When we enjoy it, it’s easier to stay in the present moment for longer, and we will undoubtedly train more if we love doing it.  
  13. 10barber-05

  14. Focus on yourself: It’s easy to get distracted by what others are doing, especially when they are better than us. Sometimes that leads to us feeling insecure, and that’s ok. We all learn at different paces, and we need to understand that the only way to get better at the fastest rate possible is to focus on ourselves. We are constantly in competition with our former selves. That means we aren’t looking at how fast someone beside us in line is going through a drill and trying to go as fast as them even if it means disregarding the skill we are working on. What you’ll find is that when learning a new skill, going slower will actually get you to learn the skill faster. Focus on your own development. Use every tool at your disposal, and do your very best with what you have.   
  15. 10barber-06

  16. Use a notebook: Those with more awareness will build skill at a faster rate. We all know those moments where we’ve been working so hard on a skill, and we make one small tweak and it finally clicks. I would get so excited as a kid when these moments happened that I would need to write down the details in a notebook. This way I would never forget that small point which made me successful with that skill when I struggled next. To get truly great at something you have to immerse yourself in the trial and error process. The failures and the disappointment will actually be the glue that will allow these points to stick so you won’t forget. Capture these moments, enjoy them, and continue to build.

Recent NHL Draft Picks, Michael & Ryan McLeod Train With HS – Part 2

Elite NHL Prospects Train With HockeyShot

Get your jerseys on and turn the volume up because HockeyShot is here just in time for off-season training with the ultimate hockey training drills. Our friends over at BTNL, including Dan Ninkovich, set up one of the best hockey training drill videos we’ve ever seen using products that can be found in HockeyShot’s Premium Home Training Centres.

We partnered with a great team of prospective NHL players to show you what HockeyShot products can really do. First up, Michael McLeod of the New Jersey Devils and his younger brother Ryan McLeod of the Edmonton Oilers.

Next, adding another set of brothers to the mix, are Quintin Hughes; seventh overall pick by the Vancouver Canucks in 2018 and Jack Hughes; top prospect for the 2019 NHL Entry Draft. Also joining the club at the amazing age of 16 is Alexis Lafreniere, who is already being watched for the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, some deeming him the next Sidney Crosby. Alexis is now an official HockeyShot ambassador, and we can’t wait to see his NHL career take off!

Using products like the Extreme Defender and Speed Deke Trainers, the boys were able to step their game up to a new level and continue training even in the off season. Check out their speed, agility and all the creative ways they improve their game with HockeyShot products.

For the more seasoned players, we gathered up the BTNL coaches and trainers to give the Hockey Shot Premium Lineup a test run. Given their careers they have seen lots of hockey training products, and they were blown away by the quality of HockeyShot products. The moves were off the charts and the Hockey Shot jackets were even cooler.

Speaking of high quality hockey training products, look at this quick social video taken by Dan Ninkovich. After 3 weeks of NHL and Junior hockey players taking slap shots, the 5 Star Extreme Shooter Tutor was still in mint condition. This goalie tarp helps you practice your shots more precisely and accurately, so you can keep pushing yourself. Can you name another hockey tarp that durable and practical? We’ll wait.

Check out Coach Benty go! Just because it is the off season it doesn’t mean you can start slacking on your skills. Keep your game up to the highest level by practicing with your favorite HockeyShot Products and by checking out our videos for all the latest training tips and hockey training drills.