HockeyShot Grant 2018

The Cost to Get in the Game

While overall number of youth joining hockey continues to grow in Canada and the US, participation amongst children from lower income is drastically decreasing.

The high costs of equipment and cost of registration is leaving many kids behind.

Enrollment fees and equipment costs, according to recent reporting done by CIBC and Kidsport, have been seen as the two major barriers to children participating in sports. Parents surveyed believe that sports are becoming too expensive and many say they know children unable to partake in organized sports due to high costs.

Over the past two decades, in particular, hockey has become more and more expensive. On top of enrollment and equipment costs, hockey has seen increase in other various expenses associated with playing the game. The costs of purchasing ice time has more than tripled, the cost of recreational fees for elite teams continue to rise, and the cost of playing house-level hockey has tripled along with it.

According to Joseph Kolodziej of ZealHockey;

Back in 1994 I had all of my equipment stolen out of my car. Top of the line pro model equipment and a half-dozen sticks. When I went to replace all of my gear and sticks I spent less than $600 total. Today you might be able to buy some middle of the road skates for $600 if you find them on sale. If you had to do a full equipment replacement with sticks you will likely spend upwards of $3000. That’s a 500% increase.

On top of that, the cost of travel hockey has more than doubled, with some AAA teams charging from $12,000 – $25,000 dollars for one season.

Playing hockey can be an extremely costly endeavour for parents and teams, and many struggle each year to make it work.

Apply Now for the 2018 Hockey Grant

HockeyShot’s & FlipGive’s 2018 Youth Hockey Grant Campaign

With players, teams, and parents in mind, HockeyShot and FlipGive have been teaming up over the past two seasons to help ensure that the next generation of hockey players are being given the opportunity to play the game that we all love so much.

The GET IN THE GAME Hockey Grant extends $5,000 in funding and each year is awarded as two TEAM Grants of $1000 each and six INDIVIDUAL Grants of $500 each. The grants provides under resourced players and teams with the financial support to cover hockey equipment, ice times, uniforms, tournament expenses, and registration fees.

“This new Hockey Grant is an extension of our business’ commitment to supporting youth athletes,” says CEO, Mark Bachman of FlipGive. “With hockey ranked as one of the most expensive sports to play, this grant will help provide much needed support for a group of under-resourced children. Sport has the ability to transform and develop youth beyond the game itself. Participating should be driven by ability to play, not pay and we’re thrilled that FlipGive and are helping get more hockey players into the game.”

“Hockey shaped who I am” says J-P Brun President & Co-Founder at “The team experience fostered the importance of building trust, responsibility and sportsmanship – important lessons I’ve carried into my career.” He adds, “It’s important to me that we broaden the exposure of this great sport, and these life lessons to those who might not otherwise have a chance to play. We’re pleased to reinvest in communities across North America to help under-resourced youth play hockey”

So far, The GET IN THE GAME Hockey Grant has seen a total of $11,000 donated to players and teams.

2017 Team Grant Recipients

The Fulton Squirts – Fulton, NY


The Fulton Squirts are a completely volunteer-run organization. Parents handle everything hockey-related; managing the canteen, cleaning the rink, and even working the Zamboni! Hockey has brought the community of community closer together, with players uniting under the tutelage of many dedicated coaches and volunteers.

The GET IN THE GAME hockey grant allowed this team to make sure that every player was able to travel and get to their tournaments last season. The Squirts used their grant to help pay for practice time and travel to tournaments outside their city.

The Badger Lighting – Mauston, WI


The Badgers high school team fields a group of players that have been playing together since third grade. The girl’s hockey program have faced many challenge during their time playing together, especially the 2016 season, when their school was considering removing the girls hockey program.

With some help from the GET IN THE GAME hockey grant last season, the girls are continuing to make positive strides to ensure that their program is around for many more years to come, and that every girl wanting to play hockey has the opportunity.

Bishop’s Falls Express – Bishop’s Falls, NL


The Bishop Falls Express is a team that has turned to hockey for refuge during difficult times.

Recently, the team suffered the tragic loss of one of their players in a fatal ATV accident. The team wore their hockey jerseys to the funeral and performed a hockey honour guard when their friend was being taken to rest. “These are the strongest bunch of boys I know”, says Bantam Falls Minor Hockey Executive Kerry Lynn Green. “I am proud to say these boys are part of our association.”

Hockey is something that has united this bantam hockey team.

The team rallied together to host a fundraiser to raise money so they could make #8 jerseys dawning the name “Penny,’ to remember their lost teammate and friend. With the $1000 GET IN THE GAME grant, the team has been able to reach their goal and pay tribute to their friend, each time they take the ice.

“This means so much to this team, said Greene, “but more than that, it means so much to a family that has been through so much in the last few months.”

HockeyShot and FlipGive are incredibly honoured to be able to help this unbelievable group of boys pay tribute to their teammate.

2017 Player Grants Recipients

Since the GET IN THE GAME hockey grant’s inaugural season, two years ago, HockeyShot and FlipGive have seen first hand the world of difference that this financial support makes for the players and families that we have been fortunate enough to help.

For each of us, and these families, hockey is more than just a sport; it’s a part of our lives and it’s what brings many of us together.

Every year we are blown away by the sacrifices and lengths that parents are going to so that their kids can play hockey – 2016 & 2017 were no exceptions. Because of that, we are so proud to have been able to help these players last season.

Maddox P. age 6, Pennsylvania;


Blake E. age 13: Minnesota;


Tyler H. age 10: Illinois;


Emily V. age 13: Ontario;


Konnyr D. age 12: Quebec;


Parker S. Age 9: Arizona


We are thrilled to have helped these teams and players hit the ice last year. For us, the grant is our way to make a small difference in the hockey community, but a huge difference in the lives of under-resourced players and teams.

Last year, one of our 2016 grant winners donated $500 of their own to help another player on their team. Their improved financial situation encouraged them to pay it forward and lend a helping hand – we couldn’t be happier when we hear stories like these.

Apply for the 2018 GET IN THE GAME Hockey Grant

With the cost of hockey continuing to rise each year, HockeyShot and FlipGive are committed to ensuring families can support their children’s passion for the game. If you know a team, player, or family that could benefit from the 2018 GET IN THE GAME grant, click the link below to apply.

We look forward to hearing the many great stories from the hockey community and cannot wait to see what this year’s teams and players do with our support!

Hockey Grant 2018

About HockeyShot

HockeyShot is the largest online specialty retailer of hockey training & skill-building products worldwide. We are dedicated to providing the latest in hockey training equipment, superior quality merchandise and excellent customer service. We believe in having a website that’s easy to navigate and that offers extensive content and a vast selection of products.

About FlipGive

FlipGive FlipGive combines the convenience of online shopping with the best of online fundraising, making it easier for people to raise money, and for retailers to generate sales while improving communities. Fundraisers earn up to 50 per cent for their school, sports team or cause by shopping with retail partners. To start your fundraising campaign visit

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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

New HockeyShot Training Center Featuring Synthetic Ice Rink

HockeyShot’s Center of Excellence, a state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of the greater Toronto area just south of Erin Mills Road and Highway 401, will be opening its doors to the public April 27th 2018. It is the first HockeyShot training Center of its kind and showcases the company’s famous synthetic ice revolution tiles.

Founded in New Brunswick 22 years ago, HockeyShot is a company that is truly beginning to widen its operations and the Center of Excellence is just the latest example of its tremendous, continuous growth.

Inside the Center of Excellence

Featuring a miniature synthetic ice rink that is enclosed by glass and boards similar to that which can be found in an NHL arena, the state-of-the-art facility boasts an incredible suite of amenities for visitors to use. These impressive features include a high-tech production studio when necessary for recording demos and tutorial videos — a gym that is not too space-consuming, various lounging spots where a massive television is never too far away serve as a reminder of what HockeyShot offers, a kitchen area that contains a quartz island capable of wirelessly charging cell phones and, for good measure, a table tennis set-up for when things really get heated, the HockeyShot Center of Excellence will inevitably provide an eye-opening experience.

Exactly how did this luxurious, attention-grabbing showroom come about?

Best Trainers in The Business

A renowned high-performance trainer, filmmaker and entrepreneur, was flirting with the idea of installing synthetic ice within his home in Brampton, Ontario.


The Performance Trainer, greatly intrigued with the product, invested in the company, eventually becoming their senior vice president of global business development, operations and brand excellence.

Every detail involved in the creation of the HockeyShot’s training center, from the location of the building to the glowing sign that first greets incoming visitors, which the Performance Trainer admits that he did not select until consulting with three major sign companies, has been meticulously thought-out and chosen to ensure everyone has an enjoyable, memorable time.

“Everything about this place is all about excellence – in our products, in our brand essence, in the people we want,” the Performance Trainer said. “We want people in here striving for excellence – our customers, our staff, our team. Everyone is on a trajectory to become better and better and never settle for just good enough.”

Recommended by NHL All-Stars

Elite NHL players such as John Tavares of the New York Islanders, Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov, Aleksander Barkov of the Florida Panthers and San Jose’s Brent Burns, all of whom participated in the 2018 All-Star Game, are just a few of the big names that have trained with HockeyShot and endorsed their products.

Then there is Shea Weber of the Montreal Canadiens, who took it a step further one summer by skating on 200 feet of the synthetic ice in an Alberta-based McDonald’s commercial that saw the defensemen race a horse.

That he emerged victorious was simply a bonus for himself and the company; a win-win situation that sees Weber get bragging rights over his teammates and HockeyShot receive plaudits aplenty.

Enhanced Strength & Conditioning

Although the tiles are tougher to skate on than real ice, the Performance Trainer believes that this will ultimately be a benefit for training purposes and long-term player development.

“If you skate around for five minutes, your legs will be burning,” he said.

“It’s like resistance training. You reinforce fundamentals. You have to bend your knees more, you can’t just glide, you must stroke.”

In an effort to allow the public to sample the HockeyShot tiles before purchasing them, the Performance Trainer has consulted with Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey, hoping to design synthetic ice surfaces within the city eventually.


The synthetic ice will give people a chance to skate on it, try it and understand it before they spend money on it,” he said. “Our intention here is to give someone the experience.”

Analyzing Financial Hockey Costs

As a father of two sons who play hockey, the Performance Trainer is all too familiar with the fees that can accumulate over the course of a season and he is seeking to alleviate some of the financial burden for parents and players.

At an average of $10 per square foot, the synthetic ice may seem pricey when one calculates the overall cost of filling a designated area.

However, the Performance Trainer predicts that covering 800 square feet, in addition to a net or the many other training supplements that HockeyShot has available, can result in a grand total of $10,000; but that pales in comparison to the yearly expenditures that arise within organized hockey.

“For parents who have kids playing rep hockey, the AAA fees, registration, travel and all that stuff, you’re looking at $30,000 a year,” the Performance Trainer said.

“So, $10,000 is really not that bad if it’s going to extend a player’s ability to train from five hours a week on ice to five hours a day. Being on the ice five hours a week is just not enough.”

“For AAA players, you need to be skating 25-30 hours a week, but that’s impossible. No one can afford that much ice time. Now you can put this in your basement. My sons are on it three to five hours a day. It was like that well before I became a part of the HockeyShot team.”


For anyone who is still unconvinced, HockeyShot’s brand new training center welcomes the challenge of turning skeptics into believers.

Get a 360 degree tour of the Center of Excellence or book an appointment here >> HockeyShot’s Center of Excellence

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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner


HockeyShot’s Involvement in Youth Hockey

We wanted to highlight all the youth hockey events, camps, tournaments, and initiatives that we’ve participated in during the last few years in hopes of highlighting young players and making hockey more accessible.

Youth Hockey Events in the Maritimes

As a Canadian company, based out of Moncton, New Brunswick; HockeyShot takes pride in having a presence at youth hockey events across the entire country. Some of the most energetic events we’ve sponsored have been in the Maritimes because of locals’ unrelenting passion for hockey. Check out our Shows & Events Blog for some highlights from youth hockey events in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.

Youth Hockey Events in Central Canada


At the heart of our nation, hockey at the youth level is thriving. HockeyShot is delighted to be involved with so many strong hockey traditions in Central Canada. We just opened our multipurpose facility which we call HockeyShot’s Center of Excellence (C.O.E for short) which is located in the Greater Toronto Area. Every time we have the chance to sponsor youth hockey events, we are greeted with passion and love for the game.

Female Youth Hockey Events in Canada

In recent years, since the 1990 Inaugural Women’s World Ice Hockey Championships in Ottawa, female hockey has seen a huge spike in popularity. HockeyShot is proud to support the growth of Women’s Hockey in Canada, beginning with the development of female youth players nationwide. Since the first-ever IIHF Women’s World Champions in 1990 female hockey registration in Canada has grown from 8,000 players to over 100,000 registered players in 2018. We’re excited to watch these numbers grow, as it’s expected that numbers of females playing hockey will continue to increase not just in Canada but across the globe.

HockeyShot teams up each year with our friends from the Canadian Women’s National Team to offer more opportunities to female hockey players across Canada. Here are some highlights – .

Youth Hockey Events in the U.S.

South of the border, hockey is alive and thriving at the youth level. The United States plays host to a number of exciting youth hockey events that HockeyShot is proud to sponsor and be involved in.

HockeyShot is extremely proud to have been involved with all of the youth hockey events, camps, tournaments, and initiatives that we’ve participated in during the last few years. Our hope with everything we do, is to help young players improve their game and make hockey more accessible.

We couldn’t be more happy to be given the chance to bring the same to more young fans and players. The next few years are set to be a busy for HockeyShot. We are looking forward to sharing more of the fantastic youth hockey events that we take part in.

Youth players are the driving force in the hockey world and HockeyShot is proud to support them every step of the way! As our mission statement says… THE FUTURE OF HOCKEY STARTS NOW!

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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

Rapid Athlete Development – 2018

Last year HockeyShot partnered with Beebe Hockey Camps, based out of Los Angeles, which has grown into one of the premier non-boarding hockey camps in the United States. Now operating under Rapid Hockey Development or RAD Hockey, the 2018 events are looking to be the best yet!

RAD Hockey have welcomed over 500 campers in Los Angeles, Park City, Waterloo, Nashville, Birmingham, and Kalamazoo. They host camps ranging from Open Camps for athletes ages 7-10, to Elite AAA Camps, private training and women’s showcases. Over the past 5 years RAD Hockey has perfected a curriculum of off-ice and on-ice activities to enhance skill development, retain attentiveness, and foster a love of the game.


During the multiple RAD Hockey tournaments and camps that happen throughout the year HockeyShot will be there to supply some freebies like our Extreme Dryland Puck. The RAD Hockey camps have been attended by numerous NHL Stars, including Troy Bodie, former Toronto Maple Leaf. When asked about the RAD Hockey camp and the importance of HockeyShot’s participation, Bodie stated:

“The campers benefit greatly from the support from sponsors like HockeyShot and it helps us give the kids the best camp experience possible”.

rad5 copy

Some people question the amount of hockey in warmer US states such as Arizona, Florida and RAD’s home base, California. However, with the trade of Wayne Gretzky to the LA Kings in 1988 and the Winnipeg Jets moving to Arizona in 1996, the sport has gained lots of popularity. Although ice and sun aren’t usually connected products like HockeyShot Synthetic Ice come in handy to help make NHL all-stars out of anyone, no matter where you live.

Auston Matthews, currently of the Toronto Maple Leafs, told CBC:

“A lot of people, when they hear you play hockey and you’re from Arizona, kind of have this mindset where they don’t even think there’s hockey down there,” Matthews said, “but I never really thought about it too much as far as that goes. I always had a goal to make the NHL. It doesn’t matter where you’re playing.”

Matthews is joined in the ranks of highly acclaimed NHL Stars from warmer states by Jakob Chychrun of Boca Raton, Fla, as well as other high-profile NHL Players.

According to USA Hockey’s annual participation statistics, the number of 18-and-under players in Arizona increased from 2,836 during the 2005-06 season to 3,803 in 2015-16, a 34% gain. Neighbor state California, which has had three NHL franchises for nearly 23 years, reported a spike of 54% from 7,589 in 2005-06 to 11,680 in 2015-16. National leader Minnesota, by comparison, saw a 10% jump from 43,053 to 47,367 over that span. In fact, in the 15 seasons since the NHL last expanded, in 2000-01, nine Stanley Cup finals series have featured a team from California, Florida or North Carolina, all states that boast warm sunny weather for the majority of the year. Clearly, the passion surrounding the sport of hockey can thrive in any weather, and we at HockeyShot love to support and nurture the talent coming out of these unexpected states.


HockeyShot is passionate about bringing the love of hockey to everyone, regardless of location or income. Organizations such as RAD Hockey is what it’s all about and they help us to expand our network while meeting some of the most passionate athletes, parents and trainers out there. This is why HockeyShot advertises our products in California / Arizona based magazines such as Rubber Hockey, and will continue to promote and support sunny state hockey tournaments.

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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

BTNL & HS Brand-Ovation

This summer HockeyShot has once again partnered with Dan Ninkovich of Beyond the Next Level (BTNL) Sports Performance in Oakville, Ontario. Along with extensive schooling, Dan is a certified sports conditioning specialist, certified youth fitness trainer and therapist and a registered nutritional counselor. Dan and the BTNL team work to create individualized programs that provide ‘a well-balanced regimen of strength training, neurological enhancement and sport specific movement training’.

Using HockeyShot’s Premium Product Line, both parties have created a great partnership together which help athletes of all ages and levels maximize their athletic potential. Have a look at the BTNL facility, outfitted with all the latest HockeyShot Products and decals for upcoming Summer Hockey Camps and Pro Hockey Camps.

In this photo, you can see our Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Panels to the right, with a state of the art gym through the windows. BTNL takes your fitness seriously, and with this prime facility you can exercise and improve every aspect of your game!


HockeyShot brand is all around the facility as of spring 2018! Equipped with TV’s, lockers, ping pong tables, and a hot tub, the BTNL changing rooms are fully stocked with everything a player could dream of.

Players from all walks of life come together to bond over the new HockeyShot Products available at the BTNL Training Centre. Here,HockeyShot President JP Brun and newly acquired global ambassador, Pavel Barber can be seen thinking up all the new ways they can utilize the Hockey Shot Extreme Defender.

JP Brun and Pavel Barber_003

Pavel Barber is HockeyShot’s stick handling specialist who after growing obsessed with Pavel Datsyuk as a child, dedicated his life to helping others improve their game. As Barber says, “Skating and stickhandling complement each other, and it should never be one or the other. No matter what your position, you should want to feel confident with the puck out there.”

As you can see, the BTNL training area is fully equipped with a Synthetic Ice Shooting Lane, as well as fresh new decals provided by Hockey Shot. Because everyone wishes they could practice their game indoors sometimes, HockeyShot and BTNL have brought that vision to life with our artificial skating surfaces.


Along with the Synthetic Ice Panels, BTNL has a whole new lineup of hockey training equipment. Pictured above you can see our Extreme Defender, perfect for those looking to up their Attack Triangle Pro game. You can also see Hockey Shot’s Extreme Danglers and Extreme Passers. Both are optimized training aids to help you improve your game on and off the ice.

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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

CCM Ice Hockey Tournaments

World Invite – Chicago, USA | Euro Invite – Bled, SLV

When you combine the world’s largest AAA hockey tournament, Coach Jeremy Rupke from How To Hockey, social phenoms Olly and Jacob from On the Bench , the Hanson Brothers from cult classic, Slap Shot and of course new training products from; you get the CCM World Invite! Taking place in Chicago, this premier AAA youth ice hockey tournament features Elite AAA Division and AA Division players. Top teams from North America and around the world come participate in the event every year, in hopes of winning it all.

HockeyShot was thrilled to help CCM kick off the annual hockey season in Chicago. During the 2017 event, taking place November 3rd – 5th 2017, we joined forces with Bench Boss, Jeremy Rupke to bring new and exciting hockey skills and training to the CCM Invite. Jeremy has been running How to Hockey full time since 2014. He is dedicated to helping people of all ages and skill levels develop their skills and gain a passion for hockey through online web tutorials and articles, bringing skill enhancing knowledge to people no matter their location or resources. It’s always fun to stand witness to the hundreds of children and parents alike who crowd him for questions and autographs at these special events!

Jeremy-Rupke copy

Image Source

The CCM Invite in Chicago consisted of 524 teams, 9,956 players and 1,162 games played over the course of one of the most exciting weekends we have ever been a part of. HockeyShot is always stationed in the Exhibition Tent where you could come check out our Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles, HS Passing Kits and Sauce Kits! Rated #4 on the World’s Top 13 Tournament list, the CCM Tournaments are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

In addition to the amazing work that CCM has accomplished in Chicago, during summer 2018 HockeyShot will be in attendance for the largest European hockey tournament in Bled, Slovenia. Taking place from July 29th – August 5th, 2018, this tournament focuses on giving young people the opportunity to play against teams from all over the world, while also attending cultural tours and events. Hockey in Bled has long been a tradition, and with help of tournaments such as the CCM Euro Invite we can continue to grow the love of hockey in Europe.

In its 9th year of operation, the CCM Euro Invite has previously taken place in cities such as Moscow, Stockholm, Prague, Helsinki and Bratislava. These countries are fitting places for this event because they have produced some of the greatest NHL players of all time, such as Erik Karlsson (Sweden), Jaromír Jágr (Czech Republic), Alexander Ovechkin (Russia) and Teemu Selanne (Finland) to name a few! It is safe to say that the National Hockey League, especially in recent years is hard to imagine without European players.

Erik-Karlsson-Jaromír-Jágr-Alexander-Ovechkin-Teemu-Selanne copy

Canadians lead the scoreboard in 2016/17 for the most number of citizens that play hockey, with a whopping 639,500 people involved in the sport followed by 543,239 Americans according to the IIHF. However, following closely behind these two hockey powerhouses (given the population difference) is the Czech Republic, Russia, Finland and Sweden, where many of the CCM World Euro Tournaments have taken place. When combining those four countries they total just about half of the Canadian players, at 345,840 people.

It is our goal at HockeyShot that by partnering with worldwide tournament providers such as CCM we will be able to increase these numbers and bring the joy of the game and love of the sport to international hockey fans.

The next CCM Annual Invite in Chicago will take place in November 2nd – 4th, 2018. This is posed to be one of the most exciting years ever, with HockeyShot providing even more product giveaways, displaying new products such as the Crowd Goes Wild Shooting Tarp, great for young enthusiasts, or our Roll Up Shooting Pad, which is ideal for travellers looking to throw down and save their expensive stick from asphalt wear. HockeyShot will also be handing out free t-shirts, bracelets and revving up for the secret Grand Prize Giveaway!

Don’t miss out on the world’s largest AAA hockey tournament! You never know what celebrities might show up or what great HockeyShot products you could go home with. Get your teams together, lace up your skates, and we will see you there.

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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

29th Annual: Let’s Play Hockey Expo

The 29th Annual Let’s Play Hockey Expo, the world’s largest consumer hockey show, returned to Saint Paul, Minnesota, March 9-10, 2018. The largest consumer hockey show in the world sees more than 40,000 hockey enthusiasts every year. The Expo is free, open to the public and offers a sneak peek at the hottest hockey equipment and merchandise, hockey schools and camps, training devices and much more!

HockeyShot was once again at the forefront of the event. Our 20’ x 40’ booth provided Revolution Tiles for the visitors to experience and be able to skate all weekend! In addition, we were able to meet new hockey families, educate our customers on our new and exciting HockeyShot products, and bond with teams from all around the State of Hockey (seriously, have you been to Minnesota? It’s like a miniature Canada).

HockeyShot partnered with the Let’s Play Hockey Expo as well as Game On! Minnesota to create our one of a kind Worldwide Hockey Hair Contest. We had countless entries from all over the world to compete in our Flow-Toe contest, and we were impressed to say the least! Check out the HockeyShot Contest Page for progress on voting and to see who is crowned Ultimate Hockey Hair Champion! The winner will be rewarded with some awesome HockeyShot prizes ($500/ $300/ $100/ $50 Gift Cards), plus the ultimate title of Worldwide Hockey Hair Champion – talk about bragging rights.

In partnership with the Minnesota Wild & the Minnesota State High School League Boys Hockey Tournament; the Let’s Play Hockey Expo is the most talked about and most sizeable hockey trade show in the world, which always brings in some of the best talent the hockey community has to offer. The expo was attended by hockey players, families and celebrities! ‘Rizzo’ and ‘Suter’ from the movie Miracle, the legendary Hanson Brothers, Social Media superstars Olly & Jacob from on the bench, 2018 USA Olympic gold medalist Amanda Kessel, several members of the Miracle on Ice team, and former Gophers, North Stars, Fighting Saints and Stanley Cup winners.

In addition, several exhibitors, including HockeyShot displayed products not yet released to the public, as well a hockey memorabilia and sports’ card show took place. Almost everyone in attendance was wearing their favorite team’s jerseys, from the Minnesota Wild to the Toronto Maple Leafs, this event was truly a time for hockey fans to come together and celebrate what we all love most about the game.

The Let’s Play Hockey Expo is a one of a kind event in which we can meet hockey lovers from all over the world. HockeyShot loves to engage with all the hockey families, both new and seasoned, help provide training and inspire the love of the game. HockeyShot’s innovative products that were tried and tested at this year’s expo are the perfect way to showcase the advancements of hockey products and how you can truly enjoy the hockey season all year long.

Check out the link below to see everything that you can experience at the annual Let’s Play Hockey Expo. In 2019, look for us directly below the entrance escalator, it is set to be our best booth ever! See you there.

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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

Canadian Hockey Expo – 2018

The Canadian Hockey Expo celebrated its 2nd annual event September 23-24, 2017 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A consumer show for all things hockey, this expo caters to everyone involved in the hockey community in Manitoba. Inspired by the Let’s Play Hockey Expo, taking place in Minnesota every year, the Canadian Hockey Expo has added a Canadian spin to another one of HockeyShot’s event partners. Players, parents, coaches and enthusiasts alike all came out to celebrate the great Canadian sport and try out HockeyShot’s Revolution Tiles, among many other popular products.


canadian hockey expo

We are so proud to be an official sponsor of this event, which helps bring even more awareness and accessibility to hockey in Winnipeg. This year HockeyShot had a whopping 405 square feet of space at the event, and everyone brought their skates to test out the artificial skating surface! It was a fun filled weekend for everyone in attendance, while gaining some new skills and product knowledge.

The Canadian Hockey Expo caters to players looking to improve their game for the upcoming season, up & comers looking for a competitive edge, or those looking to learn from the best professional hockey stars and professional trainers. By working to bring together everyone in the community through a shared love of hockey, hockey families in Winnipeg continue to grow and to gain more recognition.


canadian hockey expo

The Canadian Hockey Expo is supported by Hockey Manitoba. Hockey Manitoba was established in 1914, the same year as the foundation of Hockey Canada. Hockey Manitoba sponsors events such as the Scotiabank Girls Hockeyfest, the WHL Poe Skills Combine and the 2018 Manitoba Games. These events bring newsworthy hockey competitions all around Manitoba and help both boy and girl hockey players to achieve their hockey dreams.

Not only did HockeyShot provide a massive indoor skating rink for anyone to try at the Canadian Hockey Expo, we also gave away tons of free hockey stuff. These included our Puck Stopper Edges, Extreme Dryland Pucks, and Sauce Catchers. Attendees of the Canadian Hockey Expo also received a HockeyShot unique promo code which gave them 20% OFF all HockeyShot Products. We think that’s a pretty sweet deal for an expo that is free for kids under 18!

canadian hockey expo3

Image Source

The Canadian Hockey Expo was able to use our donated products off the ice as well. The East Side Hockey Academy, located in Selkirk Manitoba, partnered with Hockey Manitoba to bring some HockeyShot training aids to their hockey school practice drills and hockey training obstacle course. Feedback was very positive as they enjoyed using the Attack Triangle Pro, 37” Passer Pro and HS Extreme Danglers. The HS Extreme Danglers are also a favorite of David Desharnais of the Montreal Canadians, good choice Lord Selkirk Fishermen 😉

During the Breast Cancer Golf Tournament in Selkirk, Manitoba, Hockey Shot’s products also took on another life. During the tournament the Hockey Shot Extreme Hockey Goal, All Star Dryland Flooring Tiles and Extreme Shooting Tarp were used on the 15th hole, we hope they got a clean sweep!

HockeyShot can’t wait to continue our partnership with the Canadian Hockey Expo in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and look forward to bringing our new products to all the hockey players of Manitoba, Canada and the world.

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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

New England Hockey Expo – 2018

The first ever New England Hockey Expo took place at Sullivan Arena on the campus of St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire on August 18 & 19, 2018. HockeyShot was happy to join as an official sponsor of the expo, and we saw over 1,000 attendees. The New England Hockey Expo is a consumer show for all things hockey. Featuring top hockey equipment manufacturers with products available to test and try, this expo is a great time for anyone interested in the sport of hockey.

If an expo is showcasing the best equipment in the business, you know HockeyShot will be there! When the New England Hockey Expo was hosted in 2017 at the Radisson Hotel Downtown Manchester, HockeyShot products were used in all three tents. With one tent dedicated to sporting our Skate-able Synthetic Ice – Revolution Tiles – demo area, and two skills tents tracking hardest shot measured by the HS Extreme Hockey Radar, and testing accuracy by using the HS Extreme Goal with Shooter Tutor, it was a day of challenges and fun for all.


During the New England Hockey Expo, NHL celebrities joined us to have an autograph session for attendees. These celebrities included Adam McQuaid (Boston Bruins), Zach Sanford (St. Louis Blues), and Tim Schaller (Boston Bruins), and the original ‘Goon’ Doug Smith. Follow the New England Hockey Expo on Facebook for more updates about NHL players attending the Expo in 2018!

In addition to testing out your skills on the ice, the region’s top clubs and organizations that provide hockey from youth level to junior level are there to interact with parents and players alike. HockeyShot always looks forward to being able to interact with hockey families in New England to bring them the best training equipment, all while giving away a few freebies of course to increase the brand exposure!

This event features clubs, organizations, tournament directors and skill development providers to connect with players and teams from all levels of play, and vice versa. There will also be a youth 3v3 street hockey tournament, hosted by Easter Seals. Established in 1936, the Easter Seals offer more than 90 programs including autism services, inclusive child care and early intervention, special education, medical rehabilitation, camping and recreation, and veteran services. The youth 3v3 street hockey tournament will be played outside and a chance for some to have some fun on a less competitive level, all for a great non-profit cause!

Once again, HockeyShot is very excited to be named the Official Prize Sponsor of 2nd Annual New England Hockey Expo. HockeyShot will have twice the size booth as 2017, with prizes on display and brand-new training aids to demo! Join us August 18th & 19th at the New England Hockey Expo as we help bring HockeyShot to new audiences and promote learning, competing and having fun at our favorite sport.

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This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner

Okanagan Hockey Camps

The Okanagan Hockey Group has been operating in Canada since its foundation in 1963 in Penticton, British Columbia. This means Okanagan is the biggest and oldest hockey school in the world! Throughout the years this organization has solidified itself in the Canadian hockey community, and HockeyShot couldn’t be more pleased to continue to grow our partnership with them.


Over the past 50 plus years, Okanagan Hockey Group has operated camps in Canada, United States, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, England, Scotland and Denmark. In 2008, Okanagan Hockey Group, with the help of sponsors such as HockeyShot, expanded its operations to St. Pölten, Austria and Swindon, England in 2012, and Edmonton, Alberta in 2015.

HockeyShot is proud to help support the development of the European Hockey Federation with Okanagan by attending their spring and summer training camps in St. Pölten, Austria. HockeyShot continues its strong growth in Europe and these partnerships are very important in getting HS Training Products in front of many hockey players overseas. All part of HockeyShot’s goal of becoming the worldwide leader in hockey training aids and free online content!

Did you know? In 2014 the Canadian National Women’s Hockey Team attended a boot camp at the Okanagan Hockey Group in Penticton, B.C. The girls ended their Olympic training journey by spending 10 days practicing and competing at the Okanagan Hockey Academy Europe in St. Pölten, Austria, before heading off to Sochi to win gold!

HockeyShot is proud to provide premium products and accessories to Okanagan camps, which help players develop their skills during specialized programs for fore-checking, power skating, shooters and defensemen. The balance of on-ice training, off-ice training, skills sessions, and off-ice activities is the perfect setting to use HockeyShot products such as the HS Extreme Defender and the HS Slide Board Pro.


Okanagan boasts alumni such as Curtis Lazar of the Calgary Flames, Emily Clark and Micah Heart of the Canadian National Women’s Team, and Jackson Van De Leest of the Calgary Hitmen, to name a few. Bringing Canadian Hockey to the European Hockey Federation is an important aspect of helping to grow the game of hockey worldwide, a cause close to HockeyShot’s and Okanagan’s hearts.

Click here to sign up for the camps in both Penticton and St. Pölten, or visit Okanagan Hockey Group website for more locations and dates. See you on the rink!

karina penner headshot

This article was written by: Karina Penner

This article was written by: Karina Penner